Hire a Full Stack Ruby On Rails Partner in 2018!

Ruby on Rails is an open source framework, where developers can help to make it better. Basically, it is a server side development web framework, which is based on Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture.

Ruby on Rails is developed in Ruby programming language. Where we create dynamic and ultra-modern website with Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails is well known for its quick iteration cycle and the large amount of magical tools which boosts development. And simplifies the prototyping.

And here are some examples of Web applications built with Ruby on Rails are: Basecamp, GitHub, Shopify, Airbnb, Twitch, SoundCloud, Hulu, Zendesk, Sqaure, Highrise, Cookpad.

In-depth example of Airbnb:


Companies like Airbnb, Twitter, Cookpad have used Ruby on Rails for their entire website, backend tools, payment integrations, emails templates, etc.


  • Airbnb uses Large Scale Payments Systems and Ruby on Rails. Where Ruby on Rails is known for its quick iteration cycle and the large amount of magical tools to speed up the development and to simplify the prototype.
  • In terms of the payment works, some of them creates troubles or errors. And when a third party authentication is included it adds on more responsibility of no security breaching and all. That is why payments are one of the most scary and critical things to handle.
  • But at Airbnb, we use Rails framework for our payments stack. Rather than ditching Ruby on Rails for its drawbacks we thought to use its strong points to resolve our payment issues.. And ignoring the bugs and issues of Ruby on Rails, we somehow managed to use the other given benefits by Ruby on Rails.

Advantages of Ruby on Rails Solution


Migrations allow you to alter the database structure in a structured and organized manner


  • Ruby on Rails migrations are DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself)
  • Ruby on Rails migrations allowed data migration as well as schema migration
  • Ruby on Rails migrations allowed us to use model logic with data migration
  • Ruby on Rails allowed direct SQL for unsupported extensions
  • Reduction in development time by 40% on the user side
  • Lower maintenance cost

Technical Features of Ruby on Rails Solution


  • MVC Architecture: It is based on the MVC Architecture which enables the data to be separated from the presentation.
  • Database Access Library: Database Access Library keeps track of every entered data actively by row and column wise
  • Libraries for Common Task: For the common tasks like activation, validation and managements, this library is been built up
  • AJAX Library: It is library provided by Ruby on Rails for AJAX functions. And through using Ruby’s code one can generate AJAX code
  • Customised URL: Search friendly and customised URL can be created using Ruby on Rails framework
  • Debugging: Detailed error logs are provided to make the debugging easier
  • Components: It is used to store reusable codes
  • Ruby on Rails is faster than other frameworks and the languages to execute and easier to understand for both the developers and users
  • Ruby on Rails is a combination of object oriented framework Ruby with the open-source of Rails, to develop and increase the speed
  • Ruby on Rails is perfect for rapid application development needs
  • Ruby on Rails’ code readability is more transparent to the users and the developers
  • In Ruby on Rails testing is more easier and understandable

Why to use Ruby on Rails as your web developer


  • The wonder boat, developed using Ruby on Rails, is lightweight and remembers everything for the user
  • The new CMS built on Ruby on Rails is lightweight and highly customisable. One can create an unique environment for the different clients
  • Which proves the versatility of the platform, and one can perform multiple operations of the modification, which is easy to perform.

How to hire a Ruby on Rails Developer


If you are looking for hiring a Ruby on Rails developer, Coruscate is the perfect place to get the solution for web application development.

Our clients ask for PHP or JAVA based developed application but then by advising them based on our previous delivered solution and the benefits of Ruby on Rails along with the features, they make up their mind to get it done in Ruby on Rails.

Our technical team is always happy to look into your requirement and figure out the right solution for the same. Let’s get connected!

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