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How DhiWise helps you to generate clean code for your project?

As your app project code grows over time it becomes difficult to maintain and add new functionalities to it, and sometimes the cost of training new people to understand such a project is much higher than building the same project from scratch.

So what can be the solution to such problems, and how to keep your code maintainable and testable against changes over time? The answer is hidden in the clean code architecture.

What is clean code architecture?

A software architecture puts some constraints on how you implement business logic, and it restricts design choices to reduce the complexity of a software system. However, a lot of people struggle to choose the best architectural pattern.

On the other hand, there has been a lot of discussion on how to write the application code in a clean way. According to the global programmer community, Robert C. Martin, aka Uncle Bob, has specifically written a book on clean code architecture.

The clean code architecture can be used in all types of applications and platforms. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand the idea behind it, and how it can be the best solution for most of the problems faced by the development and testing community.

The basic concept behind clean code architecture is the separation of concern and it is achieved by dividing the software into layers. Each layer has at least one layer for business rules and another for the interface.

The system with clean code architecture is:

1. Framework Independent

A clean code architecture that is independent of the framework does not depend on the specific features of the library to work smoothly.

2. Testable

The business logic behind the application can be tested without affecting the front end, back end, and other external elements.

3. UI Independent

It is easy to make changes in the UI without changing the business logic.

4. Database Independent

Changing your database technology such as Oracle or SQL Server to MongoDB, BigTable, CouchDB or something is easier without affecting the business rules.

5. Independent of External agency

Your business rules don’t know anything about the outside world.

Clean code architecture

In the above diagram, different layers represent the different areas of software where the higher layer of software becomes its outer circle that represents the mechanism and the inner circle represents policies.

The overriding rule that makes this architecture works are the Dependency Rule. The Rule says that the source code dependency can only point inward so that nothing in the inner circle can impact the outer circle.

Now you understand the clean code, let us understand why it is so important.

Importance of Clean Code Architecture

The major drawback of ignoring clean code architecture is that it will contribute to growing technical debt due to rework. Writing dirty code increases the complexities of code maintenance and testing.

Code refactoring, eliminating bugs, using libraries and frameworks to add new features is time-consuming and costly if the source code is too complex to understand and modify. However, this complication can be avoided by implementing clean code architecture.

Though implementing clean code architecture has many benefits, but is it really easy to implement?

Reasons behind the difficulty in writing clean code

Obviously, writing a clean code can be difficult if you don’t know how to write it, but once you know how to deal with it, it will be similar to the other aspects of programming.

At university, the focus is only on learning new programming languages and solving problems, no one teaches us how to write clean code, but in the professional environment, a developer needs to take care of multiple things.

Unlike University projects, professional developers work on real-world problems that need consistent improvement, adding extra features, and must have high quality. That’s all will be harder to achieve if the code is harder to understand.

The problem can be solved by providing training to the developers on how to write clean code, but it consumes lots of developer’s time and the cost of training is much higher.

The only solution for the developers is to teach themselves how to write clean code.

The Role of DhiWise that generates clean code

Training developers seems costly and time-consuming. What if developers can generate clean code online?

DhiWise provides a platform for developers to build web and mobile applications quickly using its advanced features and support for most popular technology such as Node.js, React.js, Kotlin, and MongoDB (more technologies will be supported soon)

One of the great features of DhiWise is its support for clean code architecture that enables developers to generate clean code for their business logic.

To generate clean code for your project, you need to follow just a few steps such as platform configuration, add models, set up authentication, add model permissions, set routs and your final clean code is ready to build.

Building Your Project

DhiWise: Building Your Project

Before building your project, you just need to select Generate clean code option, once the build is ready you can download the project.

code is ready to download

DhiWise: Source code is ready to download

Looks amazing!

Want to generate clean code for your project business logic in a few clicks? Sign up today to quickly start your journey.

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