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FoodPanda Clone Script – How can you grow your restaurant venture online?

Foodpanda clone script Food panda clone app

Most people think about building a website or app to take their business online. Though building a food delivery app is easier when you opt for solutions like the FoodPanda clone script. But having a clone script is never good enough. While putting up your app in the App Store you need to follow certain guidelines. The app built using a FoodPanda Clone Script even though simple does not follow the guidelines of the App Store and has chances of getting automatically deleted. The clone script app might not impress your target audience as they do not get anything new and interesting.

Getting your food delivery app built via a customizable white-label food delivery app solution can be a good choice as you can get the features that your business provides to your customers and the choice of services you need to put in for the buyers right in your app. You can get a fully functional product that can actually save your time and money and gain you huge profits instead.

Develop Alternative app of FoodPanda, How to Make an App Like FoodPanda, FoodPanda alternative app features to consider

Features we provide with our FoodPanda Clone app:

Why should you consider the features of the FoodPanda app while building your own Food delivery app?

FoodPanda is an online food delivery service which became a huge brand all over the world. The app basically focused on people’s need for food delivery with its appetizing looks of dishes. The online food delivery apps not only feed everyone but also generate huge profits for themselves by putting themselves nearer to the target audience right on smartphones and tablets. The local food delivery startups are also gaining access to this popularity as the world goes digital. We, at Coruscate, can help you to create an app like FoodPanda and become a leader in the industry.

FoodPanda is active in more than 12 countries and various cities in the world. Their services allow their users to select food from local restaurants and place orders through mobile apps. The company has more than 27000 restaurant choices available in more than 193 cities. They also have around 15700 delivery drivers working with them. The app has gained popularity over the years in various places due to its seamless service.

How does this FoodPanda clone app work?

Putting food delivery requests is manageable and comfortable to be made with an online Foodpanda-like solution. The customers need not limit themselves for the food orders as the FoodPanda clone app enables the customers to access multiple restaurants at a time and with a single checkout process. Customers can order a lot of cuisines from hundreds of restaurant choices made available to them right on their mobile screen. Also, the payment is made simpler with a trusted and secure billing payment process.

The functioning of the app is described below:

  • Search for a restaurant.
  • Browse its menu items
  • Select the item of your choice and add it to the basket.
  • Proceed to checkout.
  • Select the Payment method – either credit card debit card or any mobile wallet that you have added to the app
  • You can even add the discount
  • Obtain an order confirmation via SMS and mail
  • The food order is delivered at your doorstep.
  • Enjoy your food

The strategy of FoodPanda to become successful in food delivery business :

People are interested to create a successful food delivery app like FoodPanda Clone app. But have you ever thought of why the company is so successful everywhere? How are they able to attract the audience and keep them loyal?

Well, the most important thing that contributed to the international success of FoodPanda is their app with user-friendly, high quality, and effective interface. With each passing year, the company has managed to enhance its app features to boost the number of customers.

The company enables its customers to put orders through Foodpanda with a step by step pattern:

  • Collect postal information about the customer.
  • Filter the information based on nearby restaurants.
  • Check if any bonus deal is available
  • Menu display along with the sub-categories of food.
  • Confirmation message when the order is placed.
  • Estimated arrival time display.
  • Notifications about the order.

Foodpanda communicates the details of the order to the assigned restaurant and also provides the contact information of the customer in case if there are further problems in delivering the food.

The success also depends on the fleet of delivery person that the company has hired to fulfill the pick and drop for each order successfully.

The app has received an enormous amount of funding recently from investors like Goldman Sachs and Rocket Internet. This investment has made it possible for the company to have an upper hand over competitors like Zomato, UberEats, etc. FoodPanda is taking a leap over other competitors such as Tinyowl and Freshmenu if we check out the financial support, revenue, number of acquisitions and social media followers.

The key elements for the success of your food delivery app:

» Partner restaurants: Even though the eateries are not too famous, they can always provide delicious options that are pocket-friendly for your customers. The main component of your success is to deliver tasty and fresh food from good restaurants. The choice of restaurants for users can be helpful to earn more revenue.

» Delivery Persons: Even if the food is delicious, that won’t reach the customers on time without efficient delivery personnel. And what is the use of delivering food after the mood of your customer goes off? Opting for fast delivery options can make your app the first choice of users when it comes to the food delivery business.

App Modules that our FoodPanda Clone app have:

The mobile app must function on the 3 levels perfectly:

  • Customer app – Having a broad range of services right from placing an order to the food delivery and the extensive assortment of dishes, cuisines, and restaurants.
  • Delivery person app – Easy to sign up for the service and getting an opportunity to earn a little extra. Enable to pick up available hours of work and the most suitable orders to work with.
  • Administrative app – For ease of managing orders and restaurants. Enable the simplicity to accept or decline orders, renew the data on their current menus and prices.

Coruscate’s White label Food Delivery app Solution – ‘Vahak’

We have designed a white label solution named Vahak with the latest technologies and infrastructure. It is a 100% customizable solution and can be tailored according to your business needs. With this solution, we can develop the on-demand food delivery app for you in 45-55 business days costing around $10000 depending on the features of the app. If you are interested to know more about Vahak, or the business model for your food delivery startup, do not hesitate to connect with us. We are always happy to help.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

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