Flight-sharing app: Develop an Uber for private planes and make flying the new driving for your customers

Airplanes have empty seats more often due to the high charges and long wait times. People have preferred roads and rails instead of flying as they are economical. But aviation rideshare is a revolutionary step in the ways of transportation.

Shocked, aren’t you? Blackbird, an air travel marketplace is making the travelers happy by bringing together the travelers flying to the same destination and enabling them to have economy rides just like the shared Uber rides these rides are Uber for private planes. According to an article in TechCrunch, the startup has raised $10 and is taking steps towards the goal of replacing driving with flying.

blackbird flight sharing app
What is Blackbird?


The idea came to Founder and CEO, Rudd Davis when he sent his wife and son for a flight to Lake Tahoe paying his flight instructor on the way back. Davis launched Blackbird in 2016 and has been working on the business model from the last two years. He is also adding commercial pilots and members.

The flying company, Blackbird aims at making flight an option for personal transportation. They want to disrupt the transportation model by erasing the limitations of driving and providing freedom of flight. They wish to avoid looking at the world through the road-centric vision. Blackbird overcomes these challenges, obstacles, and rules to provide you with the freedom from daily struggle and eliminates the frustrations by defying gravity.

Blackbird’s progress

The company has NEA and Social capital as its partners. They have raised $10 million in their series A funding round led by NEA. Jonathan Golden has joined Blackbird board of directors. He has previously worked at Airbnb. Along with him, the other board of directors are Francoise Brougher from Pinterest, Square, and Google and Andrew Swain- also from Airbnb.

Brian Hsu, who has spent almost a decade at eBay and has been the vice president of supply at Lyft, has also joined Blackbird as the Chief Operating Officer. The company currently has more than 700 commercial pilots who fly the passenger up to 500 miles from and within California. The CEO said that before replicating the same model for other geographics, he wants to build up density and network and optimize it.

Why an app like Blackbird can be compelling and why you should think about entering this business?


Apps like Blackbird can be compelling not just because they provide luxury travel but because they actually provide an option to fly instead of driving. The flight-sharing apps save time and are at the same time very cost efficient.

Most of the people think flying privately is all about huge jets with couches and it is only for billionaires. However, Blackbird like Uber for private planes defies this thinking by making the flying in smaller planes accessible.

Blackbird’s new service called Hitch enables the passengers to fly on private airplanes and splits the cost of travel with the pilot as well as passengers. So, if the cost of travelling is $200 for a certain route, it automatically comes down to $50 per seat making the flight very much affordable. Another benefit of this private jet trip is that it doesn’t require you to reach the airport 2 hours early. You can just arrive and walk to your small jet along with your fellow passengers. Blackbird app manages the booking and matching of the passengers on the same route. The app also provides you with the details of the pilot, their experience and allows passengers to rate them just like how it is done in Uber.

Why should you make an app like Blackbird?


Blackbird is an idea which is blending the benefits of commercial airlines with the convenience of private jets and at the same time making them accessible and affordable for daily travelling passengers.

» Blackbird’s proprietary logistics and demand software determines underserved routes, calculates the prices and manages the bookings and logistics.

» Travellers can book the set schedule of Blackbird’s flights through the app easily, considering it Uber for private planes.

» The Blackbird app for iOS and Android enables customers to create a digital passport avoiding the hassle of entering the data every time a customer travels making the booking a one-tap process.

» Blackbird like flight-sharing app helps the charter companies to increase their business by unlocking local demand. The current industry demand has an average 45% unused capacity in offering passengers the luxuries of flying private.

» Travelers can arrive conveniently at the airport up to 15 minutes before the flight. They are greeted by the Blackbird hosts and they do not have to waste time waiting at the airport.

» Blackbird has provided the first-ever hassle-free luxury flight at economic rates.

Blackbird-Flight-sharing app

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