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On-demand Tutoring App Snapask raised $35Mn in Series B Funding. Lessons You Can Learn from Snapask + How to Make an App Like Snapask + Create an App like Snapask + Apps Like Snapask + Develop Alternative of Snapask

Snapask, a HongKong based on-demand tutoring app, recently raised $35Mn in Series B funding. With this, the total funds raised by the company has reached $50Mn. The company will use these funds to expand its operations in Southeast Asia. They are also planning to start a video content and analytics platform from Singapore.

  • The on-demand platform uses AI and ML to help match students with tutors, enable proper answers for the questions asked and resolve student’s issues
  • The machine learning technology has been specifically introduced so that the tutor can match the student based on the educational pattern, the style of learning, subject and availability
  • The student’s favorite list is also considered when matching the students with the tutors. This is based on certain criteria such as elaborate answers, long or concise responses, etc.

There is a certain criteria using which the tutors are selected for the on-demand tutoring session.

  • The app will consider university transcripts as well as the public exam results before hiring the tutors 
  • They will also put them on probation period to understand how the tutors work. This will help them understand whether the tutors are capable of handling online tutoring or not
  • At the same time, the tutors can talk to around 10 students and resolve their queries.

The idea behind using technology to match and enhance the platform to help the students meet the tutors is to create a holistic learning experience.

At the moment, the company has around 3Mn students, and they have their operations in Taiwan, HongKong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. 

With the increasing pressure on the students and the need for an app solution that can help students meet the rising demands of the education industry, Uber for tutoring has found its place.

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The On-demand Tutoring Market

The global online tutoring market is said to grow by $112.14Bn between 2019 and 2023.

Majorly, there are two types of online tutoring- asynchronous learning and synchronous learning, wherein you can opt for courses that are short-term and long-term.

With the growing and evolving nature of education, new learning methods have come up. K-12, one of the most prominent among them, will see a growth in the online tutoring market by $60Bn by the end of 2023. A good 12% CAGR is forecasted during the period from 2019 to 2023. 

With an increase in on-demand tutoring and the growing need for a differentiated education system, education is seeing an on-demand disruption. 

If you have an online education business and aim to create an on-demand tutoring app, then there are a few things you might incorporate, based on your learning from Snapask.

Must-have App Features for On-demand Tutoring App

#1 Find My Tutor

Find your tutor, and locate them based on the course, hourly rate, their expertise, subject handling approach, etc. Based on the complete list, you should be able to hire them for a particular period you need. In some cases, you won’t need them to tutor you in the subject but, you need them to answer a particular query. You should offer this option in your app through the “find my tutor” feature

The student should be able to compare the tutors based on their ratings, reviews, approach, feedback received, educational background, etc. 

#2 Booking Options: In-person/Video

The second feature you ought to offer the end-users would be the option to avail of the class. Whether the user wants to hire the person for in-person tutoring or a video-based session? Depending on the availability, the nature of class and other details, the user would be shown the tutors available for hire. They can easily book a session using the app for a select time and date. The feature should ensure that bookings are easy and hassle-free.

#3 In-app Messaging

Connecting with the tutors or in case of tutors, with the students, is important for the proper functioning of this app. If the student has a one-off question or just wants a query resolved, then they can use the in-app chat feature for the session. Apart from the queries, if they need any kind of support, the in-app chat will help them avail of the support immediately. This will benefit the students when they an immediate query for resolve

#4 Profile Details

The profile feature allows the students and tutors to know in detail about the other person. the tutor’s subject expertise, availability, reviews, and ratings are made available to the student. Similarly, the tutor will also get a detailed view of the student’s profile, which will also contain the feedback they have received.

#5 Alerts and Reminders 

Real-time reminders are excellent for the on-demand tutoring app. The alert could be a simple reminder of the next session, availability of a particular tutor, the answer to a question you had posted, the message from the tutor and others. you can even include reminders for appointments, payments, schedules, etc. using the app.

#6 Cashless Payments

The app should allow payment options, which ensures that the user can pay using any method including online, cards or cash. The convenience offered by cashless methods helps ensure real-time payments that are instant and easy. You should ensure that the app has integrated the important APIs for easy and hassle-free payments. 

Secret Ingredients for a Successful App

  • Enhancing Communication: This plays an important role in ensuring that the app is successful and easy to use. The convenience of having a comfortable conversation, and ensuring there is no disconnect between the people communicating is essential for the success of the app. For instance, if the student has scheduled the session for a particular time and date, the app should ensure that the same is communicated to the tutor. The app should also send reminders to the concerned party so that both are on the same page. The tutor and student should be able to communicate with each other at their convenience. For instance, offering video or chat facility in the app can increase the communication ability for the app.
  • Experiential Tutoring: The idea is to enhance the on-demand tutoring market by creating an app that will serve both the users i.e. the students and the tutors. The tutors who have signed up should be able to identify students looking for online tutoring options. This will help them freelance and earn without investing in commute time. the students should be able to find tutors who can offer complete coaching into the subject. The app should accept tutors who have the subject expertise and who have identified ways to teach the students. In short, you should ensure that the app is engaging and usable for both the tutors and students. Apart from this, you should ensure that the rates are win-win for both parties so that there is an increase in conversions. 

How to Create your Own On-demand Tutoring App?

When it comes to developing an on-demand tutoring app for your business, there are a few things that you need to consider.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

  • What is that single big idea that will help you serve the users of the application- the tutors and students?
  • What problem are you planning to solve with your app, and how do you aim to differentiate your app?
  • What model will you use to make money from the on-demand tutoring app, as profits are very important for any business?

Coruscate can help identify and validate the big idea and help develop an on-demand app for tutoring from scratch. With our experience in the education industry, an in-depth understanding of tutoring apps, and expertise in devising app solutions that resonate with your business goals, we aim to create a sound solution for your business. 

If you have identified the market gaps, and the solution you aim to offer, collaborate with us for the best solution.

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

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