Build a E Car subscription app like Canoo EV for your car-hire business

Car Subscription apps like Canoo EV can be the future of car-hire soon : Canoo Clone App

It was not long before the transportation in Los Angeles was disrupted by Uber and Lyft capturing the roads. With the rise-hailing services started in Southern California, the number of L.A. taxi trips arranged in advance fell greatly. The Los Angeles taxi businesses struggled to keep up with cheaper and more agile startups.

But as the startups grew in number, there was an unsaid competition between them for gaining popularity among the users. That being understood, people started to think about providing better services and getting some really cool and uncommon features for their customers.

Amidst the chaos, people realized the harmful effects of the increasing number of vehicles running on petrol on the environment. With this came the new concept of electric cars. Also, people do not wish the hassle of having their own car, instead they look for car subscriptions as it is cheaper and easy.

Canoo EV- all about the electric vehicle startup

EVELOZCITY is a Los Angeles based company which is into the electric vehicle business. It has accepted its new name as Canoo. Canoo EV is supposed to be a Californian brand that will offer four unique vehicles in cities by subscription only:

  • Lifestyle transport
  • A personal commuter transport
  • Last-mile delivery transport
  • Ride-hailing transport

The company was supposed to launch its first model in the U.S. beginning in 2021. Canoo is able to build unique vehicles by leveraging the advantages of a flat EV platform. The electric vehicles are much different from traditional car design. The company is introducing an embracing a minimalist design that maximizes interior space.

Canoo has its unique approach in the 3 important areas:

Unique Products: A unique design which has never been previously introduced on the road and which challenges the norms of space and function, as well as offering a lean User Interface.

Next-generation Business Model: A brand new approach to the EV market that concentrates on decreasing creation and infrastructure costs while improving profitability.

Subscription ensured by blockchain technology

The Canoo app provides its customers to subscribe to its electric vehicles for one month to 10 years.

Why went wrong with the Canoo?

The company was growing steadily since its official formation. They had more than 100 employees. That figure rose to 200 by September, 300 by March 2019 and now spans to more than 400, according to the report in TechCrunch. However, as the company grew, the relationship between Christina Krause- he company’s former head of communications and Stefan Krause’s wife and Stefan, the co-founder of the company deteriorated. Stefan Krause has been indicted for gender and marital discrimination, harassment, breach of contract, and wrongful termination in a lawsuit.

However, Canoo has finished the design and engineering of the EVs and it is now ready for production through a contract manufacturer who is located in Michigan. The first cars will be ready to hit the road by 2021.

What features do we provide with Canoo clone app?

A Car subscription app like Canoo is expected to have features that make it easier for the customers to subscribe to the electric vehicle of their choice and make payments easily. Here are the basic features that we provide for a Canoo clone app:


Search for the desired vehicle and book on the app or website.


This feature enables the users to upload a valid document while subscribing to the vehicle as security is an essential part of driving.


The users can pay the amount or subscription fee via in-app payment methods through credit card, debit card or mobile wallets.


Get an SMS of the details of the electric vehicle which will arrive at your selected location.


The feature enables your customers to fill the start checklist easily through the app. The customers can just seize the keys from the glove-box and drive as and when they wish to.


If the customer wishes to stop the subscription and return the electric vehicles than all they have to do is fill the unsubscribe checklist and they are good to go.

Apart from these, you can have the feature to provide your users with the choice of subscription plans and vehicles.

What challenges do the Canoo EV like business face?

The car subscription models face challenges in the coming future regarding the market analysis and pricing structure as they can rise up to the cost of a self-owned car. So, they are actually not inexpensive in the long run. And you need to convince the users with the advantages of still having subscription-based cars. There are even problems related to the rental plans etc.

The second most important challenge is the maintenance of the cars. You need to make sure that your users use the cars diligently and they are properly maintained.

How to overcome the challenges?

To overcome these challenges, you need to have a specifically designed structure and plan things accordingly. You need to have a proper market analysis to convince the customers to opt for your business. And you need to design a system to keep the cars in good shape and provide quality service to your customers. Coruscate can help you to overcome these challenges by suggesting appropriate business model and by developing an engaging app for your customers.

Cost of developing the car-hire app or Canoo clone app?

We have latest infrastructure and trending technologies to provide you amazing solutions for your business needs. We can provide you white label solutions for such apps at $10000. However, designing a customized solution depends on the factors like features, tech stack, development team and time required to build your app. You can get further information related to this app by connecting with us for a free consultation session.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:


» How does the business model for Canoo work?

Ans: The California-based Canoo app is offering a subscription-based car service. They are into the production of their own vehicles and aim to roll out city-by-city.  The rental model is expected to help the company’s traditional rollout strategy. The company will start extending its subscription vehicles in one region and scale gradually from there.

» How can you build your fleet for car subscription app?

Ans: Vehicle subscription models need a fleet of cars from which customers can choose. Like Canoo, you can build your own fleet but it becomes really expensive for small startups. However, you can still manage to have fleets through partnerships with the dealer channels or with other businesses. We can help you to plan your business model by suggesting various options to go for. Get in touch with us to know more regarding the fleet management and app development for your business.

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