An Ultimate Guide to Developing a Successful Ed-Tech WebsiteApp Step 4 Developing a solution

An Ultimate Guide to Developing a Successful Ed-Tech Website/App Step #4: Developing a solution

Ed-tech is gaining so much popularity due to its flexibility, the best return on investment, and customized experiences. Even corporates have also extensively started using e-learning for employee training. 

Over the past few years, not just the system of e-learning as a whole but specifically e-learning platform features have changed substantially. Some notable changes in the e-learning website feature are app-based learning and video content. 

Not just the enterprises, but the end-users too have started giving priority to the features that platforms offer, before making a decision. 

The number of websites offering e-learning options is springing up like mushrooms day by day. With this growing competition, how will you make sure that your business stands out in the market? Well, building your custom e-learning platform is the best place to start. 

There are many advantages of building a custom solution for your enterprise than going for an off-the-shelf solution. Such as: 

  • The ready-made solution will provide you a variety of functions, most of them you won’t even need. If you want to focus on your needs, then build your own platform accordingly. 
  • For whom you are planning to build an e-learning platform: school, universities, students, competitive exam aspirants, librarians, language learners, or people with special needs. A custom solution will let you take into account all these specific requirements and incorporate the features/content accordingly. 
  • A custom solution will leave you with an opportunity to incorporate your application in any language to make it more culture-specific.  
  • In custom solution, you will have full control over the quality of code and deliver it bug-free. Again, it depends solely on which software development company you are going with, and the technical expertise of their team. 

To plunge into the Ed-tech industry, one needs to have a dynamic platform that can create an incredible impression among users. So let’s take a quick look at the essential features that your platform should have before going for a detailed discussion on advanced features.


Essential features of the ed-tech platform: 

⮞ A robust and supportive database:

An architecturally powerful and updated database will definitely place your platform in the driving seat, as all the information (be it the study material or course details or lecture details or important announcements) is going to upload on the database. 

The database should smoothen the process of learning and should not hang even if it is running on the slow internet speed. So, the students can get access to all the wanted information easily.

⮞ Easy and secure registration/login:

It means that the users can create their profile with only a few steps or can log in with social media. You can provide a dashboard where they can save their personal preferences. 

⮞ An intuitive User Interface:

Provide a unique user-friendly and attractive UI with the best functionality to save your product from suffering in the competitive market. You don’t need to sail on the same boat with your competitors. 

⮞ Comprehensive content:

Content that attracts in a first glance, highly engaging, and easy to understand will get your platform users several times more than the others. 

Just remember while designing the content: 

  • It should be worthy of reading.
  • It should be developed specifically for targeted audiences.
  • It should be mobile friendly as well.

Interactive sessions with live tutorials:

You can provide recorded lectures with separate doubt sessions. You can also provide live lectures with a facility to ask queries in an on-going lecture, which will be the icing on the cake.

You can also ask the users to give their valuable feedback after each interactive session. That will definitely increase the user experience, and more than that, you can decide what needs to improve on the platform.

⮞ Offering regular practice and mock tests:

You can upload test papers in advance or conduct live tests. This feature will not only benefit the users but lift your app into a profitable zone.

⮞ Push notifications:

With this feature, you can keep users updated with all the relevant information or send an important reminder. 

Advanced software features that will help you to stand against the competition: 

⮞ Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: 

Every student has unique learning patterns and different grasping power. So, instead of making them adjust to a cookie-cutter format, AI provides a customized learning approach. 

Machine Learning enables teachers to tailor the learning experience for maximum efficiency.

⮞ Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

Ed-tech takes education beyond classrooms and blackboard. VR is manifesting this statement in literal terms. 

History classes would no longer be limited to just reading the textbooks, with AR/VR you can live the history itself. Medical students can practice complex surgery with VR simulators. Engineers can take dangerous onsite tours safely, through AR/VR. 

⮞ Gamification:

Gamification is incorporating gaming elements, experience, and principles in a non-gaming domain to increase user engagement and productivity. 

Gamified visuals along with reward systems, levels, earning points, and social collaboration will increase student retention and user experience on your platform. 

⮞ Cloud Technology: 

As cloud-based authoring tools are completely online, users don’t need to install anything on their device. Moreover, Cloud-based tools do not require regular updates and don’t have any storage issues.

It also provides collaboration features, which means multiple authors can collaborate online on the same task. Cloud technology makes it easy management of data and saves a large amount of time and money. 

⮞ Asset Library:

Make your ed-tech software tools with rich asset libraries that include stock images, stock audio/video libraries, vector characters, button and image assets, animated gif libraries, etc. It would save a lot of time creating that time-consuming artwork. 

Summing up:

Coruscate is a leading software development company. We have successfully delivered many ed-tech mobile applications and web applications. Whether you’re at any stage of an ed-tech startup, or functioning school, university, or a coaching institute, now is an ideal time to invest in an education learning app as these are highly in demand

Keeping that in mind, we have designed the 5-step guide to develop a robust solution for your ed-tech startup. Developing a solution is the heart and soul of any solution, but it can only be successful if you have invested enough time in the R&D. 

We are glad that you have come this long, but don’t miss our last but definitely not the least step-5, Monetize your product

If you have any queries regarding ed-tech, feel free to contact us.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

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