The Broad Requirements

How our ecommerce solutions helped the two clients with their common vision?

We crafted a custom ecommerce solution that handled their problems well, and identified the perfect solution. We defined a common solution and then customized this as per the needs identified by the individual client.

For instance, the clothes store needs to add different parameters for the different clothes. This is not the customization a jewellery store looks at. The jewellery store on the other hand needs a platform that would dynamically calculate the pricing. So, we defined our solution individually for each of the client, depending on their needs.

The Proposed Features

First Client

Second Client

Results achieved

  • Traction in the ecommerce store increased by manifolds, which improved in the profitability
  • Customizations led to increased orders, as the user could now view what they were selecting
  • The client was able to achieve the sales target with an optimized website
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