E-Scooters Vs. Petrol Scooters

Electric Scooters vs Petrol Scooters: Comparison

Even though the rise of the EV segment in the automotive industry is indisputable, the Indian market is still dominated by petrol scooters. Let’s take a look at the comparison that will help you make the choice between these two.


Electric scooters are on the expensive side given the limited supply of the vehicles. Lithium-ion batteries are expensive and petrol-driven vehicles are more economical.


Electric scooters are fuel-less vehicles. It offers the same mileage at a 15% less cost of a petrol-model. In the long-run, electric scooters are more economical. The only issue here with the electric scooters is the less number of changing stations across cities. However, the government is providing incentives to entrepreneurs who set up self-charging stations for EVs.

Long Distance Travel

Electric scooters are not ideal for long-distance travel as they will require charging and not enough charging stations are available in India yet. Whereas petrol scooters can easily take long rides and petrol pumps are widely available.


Electric scooters demand less maintenance and are low cost. You only need to charge the batteries and clean it up whenever required. The battery life is decent and you won’t have to replace the battery in less than 5 years of purchase. Whereas, petrol scooters need regular servicing and fuel costs are also high.

Convenience Of Use

You can rely on petrol scooters for convenience as they are readily available for a ride. Petrol stations are located across every city and town in India whereas electric scooters will require 10-12 hours of charging for a full battery and may not be readily available in case of emergencies.

Your choice should depend on your personal requirements and budget. There are pros and cons to both these variants and when one has to choose, it completely depends on their subjective needs and what fits their lifestyle better.

E-scooters are environmentally friendly and low cost but the current technological infrastructure may not support the vehicle enough to dominate the market just yet.  It is a steady rise but with the growth of on-demand apps for e-scooter sharing, EVs are taking a better position in terms of accessibility and scale.

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