E – Scooters – An impeccable transit recourse for the Vancouverites

Vancouver councilor says this is the ideal opportunity to bring bike-sharing to Vancouver. 

Sarah Kirby-Yung says plans for a summer 2021 pilot program ought to be switched and accelerated by virtue of the coronavirus pandemic. 

“I think with COVID-19 it’s gotten increasingly essential to have an option for individuals, individuals are reluctant to get back on travel with wellbeing concerns and we don’t need everyone to default to getting once again into vehicles or see our vehicle clog develop. Bikes do give another option to individuals,” she clarifies. 

“This is our chance now, with COVID, to shape individuals’ travel propensities and I believe it’s a second in time when we’re truly considering how we utilize our open space and how individuals get around.”

A report to council from City of Vancouver staff one week from now is proposing a pilot venture for exclusive e-scooters. 

Kirby-Yung contends such a pilot wouldn’t be fair, as “not every person has $1,000 sticking around to buy their own scooter.” 

She said pushing ahead on private scooters just would push a potentially shared bike preliminary as distant as 2021 or 2022. 

B.C’s. The commonplace government altered the Motor Vehicle Act in 2019 to let urban areas run pilot ventures with the gadgets. 

Kirby-Yung’s movement says the city would need to record an application for a pilot by July in the event that it needed to have it set up before the finish of 2020.

She says the post-pandemic recuperation is the ideal chance to steer various types of transportation like e-scooters and e-bicycles, particularly as the city is as of now pushing ahead on revealing a system of “moderate avenues” with vehicle speeds diminished to 30 km/h.

“I imagine that will get more individuals giving them a shot, it will give us better information for a pilot and help illuminate the best arrangement pushing ahead’’ she suggested.

Kirby-Yung says since different urban areas like Calgary, Seattle, and Ottawa have made ready, a portion of the issues with a program like this can be anticipated and forestalled. 

“Those urban areas drove the way and they’ve gained from a great deal of those issues so, for things like stopping and ensuring that they’re clean on open space, there are some prescribed procedures that have been received presently to ensure they’re not kind of littered in the city,” she says, including speed can be topped by whichever organization gives the scooters which are a wellbeing measure that can’t be forced on private proprietors. 

There’s no compelling reason to stress that scooters will take away from the current bicycle share program, as per Kirby-Yung who says scooters praise, however, don’t supplant different methods of getting around. 

Her movement is set to come to committee July 7 and she’s requesting the pilot to begin this fall.

Safety Concerns In E – Scooters

E – Scooters have raised security worries about whether riders ought to be required to wear head protectors and whether they are a hazard to walkers if riders use walkways. 

A 2019 update from Vancouver city staff noticed that different urban areas have revealed injury rates on bikes up to multiple times higher than bikes. 

In any case, Kirby-Yung refers to a 2020 report about an e-scooter pilot venture in Portland, Ore., that found while bike-related wounds expanded, the greater part of them were not genuine enough to require crisis care. 

The Portland report likewise found that 34 per cent of bike riders supplanted vehicle trips with e-bike trips, which bike supporters accept could diminish genuine vehicle-related mishaps and fatalities.

Top Features To Be Considered While Developing An E – Scooter Application

  1. Coupons and Discounts to keep your users engaged.
  2. Regular User Feedbacks
  3. Push Notifications
  4. Ride History
  5. Hassle-free payment
  6. Easy tracking
  7. QR code scanner
  8. Scooter locator

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