Client requirements

Because of the lack of telecom infrastructure and popular use of formal banking, establishing the payment system was the concern

Another concern was to monitor the movement of the vehicle on a real-time basis.

Our course of action

When the client shared the idea of developing an application, we realized that it is a great idea as they were offering mobility with health.

We initiated the process by understanding the geographic condition and legal norms over there. To ensure a safe and comfortable ride experience for users.

Angola has not that much complicated legal norms when it comes to bicycle-sharing business. Ensuring the safety of users and making them follow traffic rules (for bicycles) is the responsibility of E-Bina.

As the E-Bina was the first bicycle service provider, so much potential was there to establish a wide customer base and get over the market.

One-stop solution

Application solution - The features provided

Technologies Used


Challenges faced

Although features of the application were quite straightforward, establishing a digital payment gateway was a bit challenging. But our team worked hard and came up with a ProxyPay solution.

We provided an In-app digital wallet. Users can load this wallet using the Payment by reference in the Multicaixa network of Internet Banking and Multicaixa Express.

The wallet shows the code and entity ID for the top up to transfer money in it, users can visit the ATM and enter the same code and entity ID. We coordinate with the bank to settle the transaction. Money is added to customers' accounts.

E-Bicycle Rental App Can run effectively on the following mentioned platform

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