Fleeting Insights Concerning Your Decision to Make An Doctor On Demand App

Fleeting Insights Concerning Your Decision to Make An Doctor On Demand App

The Introduction

The discomfort witnessed by the patients during their visits to the hospitals has compelled them towards using the doctors on-demand applications, in order to avoid the hassle and save time and energy.

The thought of waiting in long queues hits the patients with surreal discomfort and makes it difficult for the patients to patiently wait until they see the doctor, causing constant anxiety and panic.

Doctors On-Demand Applications have been putting a stop to all these discomforts by providing comfortable solutions at the ease of sitting at your own homes, safely and hassle-free.

Over time, these healthcare applications and platforms have been making a massive growth towards success and thus bringing a revolution in the healthcare industry with time and technologies empowering over.

According to research conducted by Markets and Markets, it has been concluded that the healthcare IT industry shall reach $280 Billion by 2021, with an overpowering growth rate of 16% annually.

Doctors these days have been relying on IT solutions to provide quick fixes to the larger audience to make sure that none of them is deprived of getting access to healthcare services.

Market Structure Of Healthcare And Doctors On-Demand Sector Post The Pandemic

With COVID-19 combating with the entire world, putting in jeopardy the health and wellness of all the people, these applications help the patients self-medicate themselves and at the same time be rest assured about being safe from the virus.

From government to private hospitals, a large number of them have implemented the usage of doctors on-demand applications to assure that everyone has access to healthcare facilities.

The online community using doctors on-demand applications keeps outgrowing over time, since day by day, more people are gaining awareness of how important digitalization is for their safety.

Also, these applications act as a blessing for the rural population who have limited access to the healthcare system, especially since the lockdown, and thus they have been accessing the facilities ever since.

Types Of Revenue Models Of Apps For Doctor On-Demand Applications

Prior to diving into the market, an extremely integral task is to figure out the revenue model of the apps for doctors on-demand, and how exactly with the revenue generation takes place because at the end of the day, that is what counts.

1. Commission-Based Model

This is the most commonly used model, where the doctor gives some portion of the fees to the application owner since the app provides the doctors with a chance to get a lot of patients.

2. Paid Listing

This revenue model has been preferred by doctors willing to get themselves listed in the list of featured doctors. These doctors tend to receive more calls and inquiries from the patients as compared to other doctors.

3. In-App Advertisement

Interested healthcare brands, pharmaceutical companies, etc. can contact the app owner and get their products advertised on the on-demand appointment application, and thus pay for the same to the business owner leading to revenue generation.

Technologically Advanced Features On The Panels

An on-demand appointment application consists of three main panels that lead to a successful application providing a seamless experience to the patients, doctors while handing the control to the admin.

• Patients’ App Panel’s Features

1. Dynamic Search Radius

2. Doctor Identification

3. Advanced Search Filters

4. Set-Up Profile

5. Accept Or Reject Appointments

6. Loyalty Programs

7. Social Sign Up

• Doctors’ App Panel’s Features

1. Hassle-Free Handling Of Appointments

2. Accepting Or Declining Appointments

3. Viewing User Details

4. Managing Appointments

5. Managing Customers

6. Editing Booking Time

7. Live Video And Audio Calls

• Admin Panel’s Features

1. Dashboard Management

2. Patient Management

3. Doctor Management

4. Service Module

5. Notification Module

6. Report Generation

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Key Factors To Be Taken Into Consideration Before The Launch 

Before putting your doctor on-demand application to the launch pad, there are ample of things that need to be considered apart from establishing a connection between a doctor and a patient.

Following are the keynote features for a successful application:

1. Focus On Establishing A Good Network Of Doctors

Establishing a chain of efficient and trusted doctors can take you a long way since it gives a wide range of options for the patients to choose from, keeping in mind the best suitable doctor for their problem.

2. Give Benefits To Doctors

Lay on a bundle of benefits for the customers for the smooth functioning of the process such as simple payment, greater visibility, and a chance to carry out the transactions their way.

3. Doctor Authentication

Authenticating the work of a doctor before listing them on the platform is highly important since a doctor with ill history can run the negative influence on your platform amongst the patients.

Examine the work history of the doctors and then let them be a part of your platform.

4. Monetization Strategy

Curating membership plans, marketing your application in such a way that it attracts the doctors to be a part of your platform and the patients to utilize the platform.

Choosing the perfect revenue model can take a lot of research but in the end it is all worth all the efforts.

Thus, these applications are a great platform for the doctors to monetize their skills and at the same time built a vast network. These platforms work as a source of income for the doctors who are not able to go to their clinics.

Doctors can consult the patients via video and audio calls and guide them through their problems, and keep a check regularly on a patient’s health through the medium of virtual care.

Your Doctor On-Demand Application Awaits…

Invest your time and energy towards developing an application that is a stand out platform with uniquely curated features that benefits both the doctors and the customers and at the same time generates traffic and revenues.

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