The next big thing after e-scooter is shuttle app development. Develop a shuttle app like Shuttl and prepare yourself to win future market of mobility.

The next big thing after e-scooter is shuttle app development. Develop a shuttle app like Shuttl and prepare yourself to win future market of mobility.

Leaving home early to catch the bus or being the victim of surge pricing are about to be the part of history with the advent of app-based shuttle service. It is a safer bus commute option and winning over office workers as it enables them to reach offices without waiting hours to pick up the bus and without paying the increased fare to taxi services.

In this blog, we will know the possible business opportunities of the app-based shuttle service. We will also discuss what are the features you need to ask the shuttle app development company to integrate into your shuttle app. But first let’s discuss an India-based startup, Shuttl which has raised $20 million to provide hassle-free commuting options in India’s alarmingly congested roads.

What is Shuttl?

Shuttl was co-founded in 2015 by Amit Singh with the ambition to solve the pain of commute. It is India’s largest office commute service providing company which provides space-efficient, safe, and cost-effective app-based solution.

To acquire more users, Shuttl uses two major problems of Indian commuters, congestion, and pollution, as marketing assets. Today, shuttl serves its services to over 45,000 commuters across 7 major cities of India. To satisfy extreme demand, Shuttl deploys 800 drivers with 800 buses every morning, covering 150+ routes.

Recently, Shuttl has raised a whopping $20 million of funding from a few very prominent investors like Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed Ventures Partners and Times Internet Ltd.

Shuttl has been awarded UK’s Ashden Award in 2018 and Road Safety Award by FICCI in 2017.

What inspired Shuttl to be launched?

Six years ago, when Uber launched its service in India, another ridesharing company named Ola was experiencing an unexceptional growth. Thus, Uber offered many discounted rides and found a preferable spot in the mobility race against Ola. Both these ride-sharing companies satisfied the user’s need for a decent amount of time. But in recent years, the demand for such last-minute transportation has been boomed and it became clear that Uber and Ola cannot beat the high demand all alone. That inability of Uber and Ola lets many new companies start last minute transportation business and Shuttl is one of those companies.

Services of Shuttl

Shuttl is offering major three types of services.

  • Enterprise service

Companies which want their employees to hit the office on time can utilize Shuttl’s enterprise service. It is a fully customizable, safer, and hassle-free service.

  • Rental service

Shuttl owns the fleet of luxurious SUVs, vans, tempos, and buses which they rent out to the users for personal and even commercial use.

  • Shuttle service

Shuttl’s shuttle service runs on the regular route and users can book the seats from the app by just filling the few details like pick up stop and destination. It charges as minimum as 2 Indian rupees (0.29$) per KM.

Since you know Shuttl and its services now, let’s discuss how can you take your transportation business to the next level with the shuttle tracking system by developing an app like Shuttl.

How a shuttle tracking system doubles the revenue of the transportation business?

Nose around yourself. You will easily find out two types of companies – one which is making good money and one which is bleeding cash. Ever wondered that what makes a company money-spinning?

Well, the answer is technology adoption. A company which relies only on manpower and not give a fig to technology never generates revenue in six digits as the internal cost is very high. Whereas, a technology-enabled company which doesn’t need to accommodate more manpower, can tackle many business processes automatically and helps the owner to reduce the internal cost. It also offers more satisfying customer experience to the users.

Talking specifically about shuttle tracking system, it can be one of the most profitable investments if you already own a fleet of vans and buses. It opens so many windows of opportunity which eventually doubles your business revenue.

A shuttle tracking system comes with the mobile app for both admin and users. Using that mobile app, admin can always keep eagle-eyes on his fleet and optimize it efficiently. Whereas, a user app lets users reserve their seats prior to the journey and pay for the journey. As if this is not enough, users can get to know the current location of the bus. So, you can now use the mobile app as the marketing asset and attract more and more users which will soon give you a glimpse of the increasing revenue graph.

But what if you are planning to start the app-based shuttle business from scratch? Is it the safe bet?

Like e-scooter rental business emerged from nowhere in 2017 and then turned into a profitable business, app-based shuttle business is also going to be trendy in upcoming years. Because of the high taxi fare, high fuel prices and death-defying pollution, people will prefer commuting in the shuttle.

Providing shuttle service to the students and commuters can be a great idea. You can tie up with different companies for picking up their employees in your shuttle bus. You can even run an independent shuttle service during rush hours. There are lots of other ways to be a millionaire with app-based shuttle business.

Sensing the market opportunity, many major players of the mobility industry has jumped into the shuttle business. In 2018, Uber has launched Uber Bus shuttle service in Cairo and it is planning to launch it in more cities.

After reading so far, if you are thrilled to go for shuttle app development, following are the few features of Shuttl app you need to ask shuttle app development company to integrate into your shuttle app.

Top features of Shuttl app you need to ask shuttle app development company to integrate into your shuttle app




  • As soon as the rider opens the app, it asks riders to enter pickup location and destination.
  • Based on these details, the app shows them the available route and time of each shuttle.
  • Riders can reserve the seats and pay for the journey from the app itself.
  • Riders can pay in multiple ways. They can even purchase the weekly or monthly pass for either round trip or single trip.
  • Tracking the shuttle from the app is easy. App also shows the estimated arrival time of the shuttle to the pick-up location.
  • If riders couldn’t board the shuttle, they can easily reschedule to get the next shuttle.
  • For the safety of riders, the app is equipped with safety features like emergency contact and share ride details.
    Riders can refer the Shuttl app to their friends to enjoy the discounted rides.


How much does it cost to develop a shuttle app?

Coruscate is the top mobile app development company, accommodating clever developers and designers who are enough bright sparks to develop apps for all mobility solutions like taxi, e-scooter, and shuttle. They employ all their skills to not develop just another alternative of already existed shuttle apps. In fact, they work parallel with business teams to develop a moneymaking app with some groundbreaking features. On top of this, we will be your strategic partner and assist you to get everything out of your shuttle app and admin panel.

With our rapid app development technique, we develop shuttle app within 45-55 days and under $10k. To ask for a free consultation, contact us today.

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