Kick Start Your Business By Developing A Shopping App For The Upcoming Holiday Season

So, the year is about to end and your long awaited holidays on its verge to begin. While you sit back and start planning to spend your next few days under the roof of your house or go for a short vacation, app developers could effectively use this season as an arsenal for boosting their business.

Undeniably, the current shopping industry oscillates between the online stores and the physical offline stores. However, going by the stats, the total growth of e-commerce website is notified as 17%. Additionally, it is expected that the total share of mobile shopping apps to the market is nearly 45%.

Where the current year witnessed a sale of USD 1.80 trillion, it is predicted that this number would rise to USD 3.56 trillion by the end of 2021. And not to forget, sale on shopping apps this black Friday increased by 16.3%. So, this holiday season you can strike the rod hot and leverage your shopping app business.

Seeing such a tremendous rise, it is a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs to build an online shopping application and provide a user the ease to shop while they relax at their home.

Building An Online Shopping App – Choosing The Right Strategy


Needless to state that there a plethora of shopping apps ruling the market today. And among them finding the best online shopping app is a tough task. From Amazon to Zara and Walmart to ShopStyle, online shopping application has a bright future ahead.

Now as you step forward to have a shopping app developed, it would be a great idea to first study the market scenario of the prevailing apps, their methods, and corresponding loopholes. Knowing, where they lag and using the same in your app, would help you strike the market faster and easier. Gaining significant insights about their success and the tactics would fuel your mind to induce something similar or even better.

Heading towards the step required to build a shopping app:

  • Perform a pre-check at the existing shopping app market.
  • Draft a list of core competitors and jot down their good and bad.
  • Finalize MVP for your shopping app.
  • Assign a budget for shopping apps development.
  • Mark down the features you need to incorporate in your shopping app.
  • Seek help from experts.
  • Look for a professional team to develop the software for you.
  • Regulate vision of your online shopping app.
  • Merge it with your online store.
  • Promote your products and start selling
  • Perform a check and maintain the app along with time to time updation.

One thing you need to be sure of is not comprising on the quality. Whether it is in terms of user experience over the app or the product quality, customer retention largely depends on it.

Must-Have Features In An Online Shopping App


While there are an array of basic features any shopping app own, some are more of necessity. Delving into the specs of an online shopping app and the app features of Shopping App starting with MVP a that enhance the user experience account to:

Authorization – Say No To Unnecessary Login

One of the most common activities a user is expected to do is sign in. However, repetitive pop-ups and notifications for the same might account for reduced traffic. Sometimes, the user is not up for purchasing and in that case, it is acceptable not to sign in. Immediate signup is not required, let the user surf a bit and browse as per his convenience. Ask for user registration only when a purchase is initiated.

Social Media Login

Keeping an option of social media login works wonders. It not just saves a considerable amount of time but also enables developers to take a stride above the competitors.

Keep Users Updated By Push Notification

It is imperative to keep your target customers updated round the clock. When you are to set an app for your business, customer communication is a must. There are a dozen use cases when you need to interact with the user. So, push notifications would be a good choice to add sales to your app.

Ratings and Review

It is an excellent idea to give users what they expect from your shopping app. Incorporating a feature that enables users to rate a product along with their reviews on shopping experience is a plus. It helps you understand what your app lags and likewise leverage user trust.

Customer Support

Adding a live assistance to your online shopping app is another great idea to increase user interaction and a medium to convert customers to the sale. Users always find it hard to predict the delivery date and corresponding details. So a customer support would have a positive impact on your sales.

Payment Gateway

Many a time, customers hinder buying products in the absence of their choice of payment. Try adding the basic option along with the digital payment features. This not only ensures that your app being technologically viable but also improves the probability of sale conversion.

Design Features In A Shopping App


Along with the basic features, it is desirable that the app developer keeps an eye on the design specs of online shopping apps. User Interface is one such element that extensively determines how long a user spends time on an app.

A Logo to Voice your Brand

First and the foremost thing is to draft a logo for your brand. It is an excellent idea to make your online presence strong and viable.

Filter Option

Allow uses customize their purchase and narrow their search space. Additionally, the search option needs to be fast and display queries within a fraction of seconds.

Quicker Checkout Process – Add To Cart Option

Another element that has the capacity to reduce your sales is slower checkout process. Design your shopping app that reduces the overall checkout time. Adding multiple payment options and the ease to buy as a guest and an option to add items to cart directly are few specs your app developer could opt.


App design must have the option of saving items for future reference. Customers might not want to shop instantly and save it so that they can initiate a purchase at a time convenient for them. Hence, providing an option for the same would be a plus for your shopping app.

Technologies For Creating A Shopping App


With the need for modern technologies, developers these days use Machine Learning to help users narrow their search space and likewise modify their purchase. The algorithm based on ML sort items based on the purchase made by the user earlier.

Onesignal and AmazonSNS could be used for adding the feature of push notifications, Google maps SDK for geolocating products and Google Cloud Messaging for customer support feature. Hold a conversation with your online shopping app developer to induce the best technology as per your app needs.

Cost Of Building An Online Shopping App


It goes without saying that the cost of developing mobile apps depend upon multiple features. Starting from basic features to add-on features and the developer hired. Along with it, the total man-hours employed and the platform on which the app would be deployed. All of the above sum to the total cost of developing an app.

Undoubtedly, mobile apps are overpowering the retail business and in no time would it surpass the economy. Though the question of how to create an online shopping app seems easy, the entire concept is driven by the mind of the developer.

If you are looking for one such team to build a shopping app for your business and create an online presence this Christmas, then Coruscate is the right choice to hire technology partner to help you with immersive shopping app development.

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