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Rising city congestion, gasoline price and vehicle price makes people fond of public transportation. It is cost-effective, faster and safer than driving own vehicle. But at the same time, it does not give comfort and flexibility to users. Thanks to this only disadvantage which really matters to most people, people prefer to rent e-scooters for the daily commute, visit the nearest store and explore the city.   According to NACTO, people completed 84 million trips on shared micro-mobility vehicles in 2018 only. This number clearly depicts the mass adoption of e-scooter sharing mobile apps. 

One such scooter sharing app is Felyx which lets people hire scooters seamlessly in the Netherlands. We will study about Felyx, its scooter sharing program, and mobile app in this blog. We will also discuss how much does it cost to develop a scooter sharing app like Felyx. But before all of this, let’s first take a look at the electric scooter rental market of Europe and Netherlands. 

Europe and Netherlands e-scooter rental market 

In 2017, with the launch of Bird and Lime’s dockless e-scooters and e-scooter mobile apps, the first wave of the micro-mobility revolution hit the market of USA. Soon, after securing a decent amount of funds, e-scooter rental companies of the USA started deploying e-scooters on the streets of European cities. The inception of dockless e-scooters in European cities inspired local entrepreneurs who later jumped into the same market. 

As of now, in almost all European cities where government regulations are not the barrier, people have many options to rent e-scooters. According to the report published on PS Market Research, the European electric two-wheeler sharing market is expected to reach $597.2 million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 35.0% during the forecast period. Increasing technological advancement, rising concern over global warming, massive urban road congestion, and higher convenience are the major factors fueling the micro-mobility economy in Europe.


Talking about the e-scooter sharing market of Netherlands, Capital of Netherlands – Amsterdam – is topping the chart. E-scooters are so popular in Amsterdam that already intensified e-scooter sharing market has still some room for newcomers. All companies which are running e-scooter rental service in Amsterdam are profitable. Felyx, Dott, Etergo, Swheels2Go, Trikelet, Bird, and Voi are the top startups running a successful e-scooter sharing business in the Netherlands.  

Insight into Felyx 

Felyx is the Amsterdam-based scooter-sharing startup which was founded by Maarten Poot and Quinten Selhorst in 2016. It offers shared e-scooters and a mobile app. Using this mobile app, users can locate and reserve electric scooters. The major ambition behind launching Felyx was to solve current urban mobility issues and open up all-new opportunities for new technologies and sharing economy. There are more than 400 Felyx-branded electric scooters are available to ride.  And to ride one, a user needs to pay only €0.30 per minute. At present, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, and Brussels are the major service areas of Felyx. In July 2018, Felyx raised €4.1M from Debt Financing. 

How does top scooter sharing app, Felyx, work? 

Like all other micro-mobility startups, Felyx app is the only medium to book the Felyx scooter and pay for the ride. Since it is the only way to fulfil sales-life cycle, they hand-picked the app features and made Felyx app most user-friendly. 

As soon as, a user opens the app, it shows the nearest scooters which a user can book. To book the scooter, the user has to select one, reach there and scan the QR code printed on the scooter through the mobile app. (To actualize remote and smart unlocking, IoT features play a significant role. So, always check whether a scooter sharing app development company can add IoT features or not before hiring it to develop scooter sharing app like Felyx.)

So, now when the scooter is unlocked, the user can ride it. Once he reaches his destination and wants to end the ride, he is just required to park scooter at a suitable place and end the ride from the app. As soon as, he ends the ride, the app shows him the ride details & invoice and the fare gets deducted from his linked bank account or eWallet automatically.  (Integrating the payment module in the app is very crucial to earn a profit. So again, don’t give cold shoulder to payment module and don’t hire scooter sharing app development company without verifying their capabilities to add flawless payment module in the app.)

To attract more users, Felyx offers 30 free riding minutes to new users. 

So, now when you know about Felyx and working of its app, let’s discuss the top features of the scooter sharing apps which you can consider while developing Felyx clone app. 

Top scooter sharing app features which you have to know before going for scooter sharing app development 

Following are the top 5 most common scooter sharing app features and ways to make those features unique and futuristic. We, being the top scooter sharing app development company integrate all these advanced features in the Felyx clone app. 

⇒ Common feature #1: As soon as a user opens the app, show him all nearby scooters and their battery level. 

» Unique feature #1: If the number of nearby scooters is high, showing them in the traditional way makes scooter discovery hard through an overcrowded map filled with overlapping logos. Instead of this, show logos of scooters in different nests, which makes scooter discovery painless.

⇒ Common feature #2:  At the end of the ride, show users the details of the ride like the distance, time and fare. 

» Unique feature #2: To motivate a user to use your electric scooter again, show him how much CO2 he has just saved by choosing an e-scooter over a car. 

⇒ Common feature #3: Let users raise a query from the app itself. 

» Unique feature #3: Let users raise a query from the app itself and let them know the status of the query. Divert most common queries to a chatbot for quick action. 

⇒ Common feature #4: By clicking on a single button, a user can end the ride. 

» Unique feature #4: When a user ends the ride, asks him to upload the photo of the location where he has parked the scooter. Later, show this image to the new user who books the same scooter so that he can discover it easily. This feature is also useful to validate the proper location of parking and to study the parking pattern of users. 

⇒ Common feature #5: Admin can set the maximum speed of each scooter for safety purposes.

» Unique feature #5: Employ geofencing technology which alerts a rider when he approaches school, park or market.  

How to Make an e scooter App Like Felyx, Develop Alternative app of Felyx, Felyx alternative app features to consider

How much does it cost to develop a scooter sharing app like Felyx? 

Coruscate is the top e-scooter app development company which has developed several challenging e-scooter apps and entertained numerous e-scooter app development queries. We accommodate 100+ highly trained and clever IoT engineers, app developers and app designers who put all latest technologies to work and develop an unsurpassed scooter sharing app for you.  

To know more about the app features, market potential, business model and government regulations, you can contact us. Our senior team-member will give you the free app demo and free consultation. 


Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

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