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How to Develop Your On-Demand Cleaning Service App: Guide 2022

On-demand cleaning service app has a growing need and demand in the urban market. 

In general, on-demand apps  have changed how we live our day to day lives. We didn’t have the option to order away everything from our phones and have it delivered to our doorstep. But now we do. 

So much is available at the click of a button. 

Apps like Uber, Zomato, Urban Company etc have paved the way for many other businesses that can thrive in the new technology-savvy market. The market is already primed for such services and this is a good time to launch your own on-demand cleaning service app

With our lives getting busier, we need someone to take care of many of our daily chores. Cleaning is one of them. Even if you have the time for it, you may not have the skill for it. 

On-demand cleaning service is high in demand also because it is difficult to find a reliable and trustworthy house-help. A dedicated application that makes the process much easier and efficient, will be helpful for a number of people. People will be able to keep their home hygienic and tidy without a ton of effort. 

Main reasons behind the demand growth

Urgent need of a quick fix

Especially common in urban areas, sometimes you need a quick cleanup of your home. Guests coming over, lack of time, or any sudden circumstance. There are many reasons why someone would look for an immediate solution. On-Demand cleaning service apps are very useful in such situations. 

Lack of reliability

General househelps are not that reliable in terms of quality of service or safety reasons. Customers are not sure if the service provider will show up when required and do the job well. They are also concerned about the security of their home and people. 

Quality of service not up to mark 

Generally the cleaning services we avail for our  homes on a regular basis are from househelps may or may not provide satisfactory service and most people do not like the lack of professionalism and quality. On-demand cleaning service apps can solve these issues. 


Above all, ease and convenience is pretty sought after. Especially after covid-19, people all across the world seek that comfort of doorstep delivery. The usage of mobile apps is increasing. More than websites, people use mobile apps. 

According to a report,  in 2022, 70% of all the US digital media time comes from mobile applications.  On-demand cleaning services will fit right into this and generate profits for you as an owner.

How you can make money out of on-demand cleaning service application 


With every order placed on the app for your services and the fees of the service provider the customer will pay, you can earn commission. A percentage of the fee received will go to the application owner for enabling the interaction on the platform. Like Uber takes a part commission of the money made by drivers, on-demand cleaning services apps will work on the same lines. 

Ads on the platform 

You can run ads on your on-demand cleaning service app, which will earn you a lot of money. Brands and services that wish to promote themselves will reach out to you for a pop-up/visual/audio advertisement. 

 Premium Subscription 

Once you have acquired enough users and they have become regular customers, you can launch a subscription model. Users can pay an additional amount to avail benefits and premium services by your on-demand cleaning services app. 

Display on first page 

Some vendors/service providers can pay a sum of money to feature on top the search results on the on-demand cleaning services app platform. This will be an investment which provides better visibility to the servicemen and more users will make bookings with them. 

Let’s discuss what features you can add to your on-demand cleaning service app to make it user-friendly to customers and gain more profit. 

Easy sign up and profile creation

Nobody likes to go through the tedious process of signing up on any application. Try to make the process as quick as possible. You can allow the users to sign up with a click using their google or apple accounts. This way, you will receive all the identity information you need and for users, they won’t have to fill it in manually. 

Simple profile management 

The user interface should be simple to navigate. Use more conventional elements when designing the UI. Profile management of users should be easy. The options and action buttons should be clearly visible and accessible. Navigation is important in your on-demand cleaning service app because people want to see what personal details are fed into the app. Edit and update it as and when required. 

Order History and Tracking 

Keeping track of past purchases is helpful for users. They can reorder something they like without having to look for it again in the on-demand cleaning service app. Keep a track of their budget and so on. 

Profiles of house cleaning service providers 

It is important that users can browse through the profiles of service providers and choose who to assign the job to. In other cases, if you choose to assign the task depending on availability, you should add a feature where people can see the reviews and comments of their past performance. 

Contact the service provider 

Customers should be able to contact the service provider assigned for the job via phone and chat.  This will improve the customer experience and ensure that there is minimum miscommunication. 

Customer Support 

Crucial to a good user experience is sound customer support. Direct phone numbers or efficient chat support, as an app owner, you should take care of customer grievances and other requests regarding your on-demand cleaning service app 

Payment Options

There should be multiple modes of payment made available to the customer. Including credit card, debit card, UPI, cash on delivery etc. Convenience is one of the main reasons why people opt for on-demand apps. Make sure you provide that. 

Ratings and Review

Users are influenced by the ratings and reviews of other customers who have availed the service before. Be sure to add a review feature where other users can comment and rate service providers and the overall experience for people to refer to.  

Search, Filter and Sort

Filtering and sorting search results allows users to generate a more relevant and precise list of items. It saves time and shows the users exactly what options suit him best. 

UX/UI of the application 

User interface can make or break your revenue, sales and customer base. Being an on-demand cleaning service app, the primary communication of your customers is with the very application. Thus, the interface you create with colors, fonts and visuals are important.

 Although this is not a “feature” by definition, a good UI can prove to be your brand differentiator and become the  feature that retains customers and generates interest in potential customers. 

If you want to know how to create a powerful user interface, you can read our dedicated blog. 

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