How to develop on-demand e-scooter application like Neuron Mobility in Singapore

How to develop on-demand e-scooter application like Neuron Mobility in Singapore

Recently Singapore based mobility startup Neuron Mobility along with Australian startup Ride secured Six months pilot to operate their e-scooters in the sections of Adelaide’s metropolitan coastline in Australia to provide first-mile and last-mile options to complement public transport. Although Neuron Mobility had halted its service in the home market of Singapore except for some areas. While liaising with the Singapore government, Neuron Mobility has expanded its business in many Southeast Asian countries and now moving towards the international market.

Business opportunities and a market for e-scooter in Singapore:

Traditionally, it is very difficult to penetrate the Southeast Asian market because the region is so fragmented, but the hyper-local approach might help you.

It is very tough in Singapore to get a commercial licensing for e-scooter business. Few companies including U.S. based Lime have already applied for the licensing in Singapore to operate commercially. Even Neuron Mobility has a license to provide Personal Mobility Device sharing services that too within a specified area.

Local Transport Authority(LTA) of Singapore wants operators to have tighter service policy. LTA has some strict regime of licensing such as maximum fleet size and for operators to enact a policy for users that follows the strict parking regulations under the Parking Places Act. Certainly due to these provisions only a few companies have survived in the market.

Asia is regarded by many in the industry as potentially profitable. Being an emerging middle class, rapid urbanization, heavy and slow-moving traffic and having more than half the world’s population, the region attracts investors to go for micro-mobility businesses.

Although Singapore is strict when it comes to getting the license to start an e-scooter business, one can definitely start the business by deeply study and abiding all the rules and regulations.

Now is the golden chance to grab the opportunity as due to the coronavirus outbreak many countries are moving towards micro-mobility transportation. So before going ahead, let’s see what Neuron Mobility offered users to be popular amongst them.

Features Neuron Mobility offers:

  • QR code:

To get a ride with Neuron Mobility service, the user must have to download the app and scan the QR code to unlock the scooter. This feature helps in better assigning the scooter so that no confusion left.

  • Scooter locate:

Neuron Mobility has developed predictive models and other analyses to optimize the distribution of its e-scooters, routes, maintenance, and placement of docking stations. This makes the user journey smooth and comfortable.

  • In-app map:

The No parking zone and Low-speed zone are denoted by different colors in the in-app map. No scooters are allowed to end the trip or be on temp lock within No parking zone. The speed limit varies with the area so the details for it is also in the in-app map. The N3 scooters will automatically reduce speed when they enter a low-speed zone. If the vehicle enters any impermissible area then through geofencing, it will automatically stop.

  • IoT enabled hardware:

Neuron e-scooters and the docking stations are equipped with GPS and IoT sensors to track their location. This feature helps the Neuron team track the capacity of each station in real-time, and quickly dispatch new e-scooters to stations that are almost empty. They also act as charging stations for the e-scooters. If someone tries to steal the vehicle Neuron will get to know through this technology. 

Some additional features you can add to stand ahead in the market:

  • Ride history
  • Feedback options
  • In-app wallet
  • Push notifications

Cost For developing an e-scooter app like Neuron Mobility:

The cost for developing an on-demand application depends on many factors such as prototype used, the technology used, time is taken for development, number of features, app design and many more.  If we think of the basic traits of the e-scooter application then, the development cost may somewhere between USD 18k to 22k. So if you want to know personalized quotation then consult our experts for free.

How can Coruscate help you?

Now, you get an idea about how to develop an On-demand e-scooter application and how much the cost requires, the important step is to choose the best application developing company. Coruscate is a topmost mobile app developing company and have served many successful e-scooter projects around the world. So having a tremendous experience and hard-working team Coruscate can give you the best results.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

You can join us for being updated with more questions relevant to on-demand e-scooter app development. A free app demo request and an expert’s guidance are also possible.

Note : We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

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