4 Important Ingredients You Cannot Miss When Investing in Music Video App-like Lasso or Tik Tok

App creators who gave the world solutions such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, they are seeing withdrawal symptoms among the app users, specifically in the teen groups. You don’t see the teens using these apps as much as they did in the past. They are moving towards the music video apps.

After seeing the success experienced by Musical.ly, now known as Tik Tok in the lip sync music video app, the tech giant Facebook decided to take the leap and work towards creating a music video app Lasso.

So, what is Lasso, and how did Facebook decide to come out with a music video app?

A Brief Introduction About Lasso, Music Video App By Facebook


Earlier this year, Facebook secured the music license deals. The company earlier launched the music stickers on Instagram, which allowed you to add a soundtrack to your stories. This increased the interest among the users for the application.

The application launched a similar feature on the Facebook application a day ago. For a while, the company had been working on the lip sync live feature, which could be used as karaoke.

With Lasso music video app, it opens up the pages with the lyrics to the songs and plans to include “pinning your favorite songs” feature, which can help the users listen to their favorite songs.

Why lip sync videos? For one, these videos allow teens who are either awkward in front of the camera or who are introverts to take epic selfie videos.

Four Important Ingredients to a Perfect Music Video App Solution


Here are a few important strategies, which if incorporated, can help improve the music video app development process.

#1. Know What Interests the Target

This is one of the basics to be considered when developing any type of app solution. You cannot ignore the target audience and their interests. Study the audience and know what immerses them into a particular mobile app solution, and what makes them uninstall a particular app.

When you have understood the mobile app needs and the app usage behavior of the target audience, chances of winning the user over, with your mobile application are higher. The main purpose of releasing an app like Lasso was to win over the teen audience who had been ignoring Facebook for a while now.

#2. Go Video-centric App

While text and images are going to stay for a long while, it is the video that is going to win the audience over. You need to work on more of the video-centric app solutions if you want to see the user engaged with your music video app, and improving your app’s ranking on the app store.

The total downloads for Tik Tok in the present quarter is about 185Mn, while it was 92Mn in the previous quarter. You simply cannot ignore the popularity of the video app category, and you should ideally invest in the same.

#3. Immersive and Experiential Solutions

When it comes to delivering a solution that should rank popular with the target audience, you should deliver a one-stop solution that will deliver the user experience you desire to offer. You cannot avoid the basic features when delivering the app solution.

However, along with the basic features, make sure you include some interesting features that will sync with the audience’s demands. The Lasso app is a one-stop solution for both the music and dance lovers. You need to create such one-stop solutions with your music video apps (TikTok).

#4. Research Your Segment

Finally, you cannot launch an application without researching the segment and understanding what needs to be done to help the target audience.

You should ideally know how the niche is performing, what is missing in the niche and how best you can improve the niche and give the users what they truly need. Without this bit, you won’t be able to give deliver the perfect solution.

Powerful Features in your Music Video App Like Lasso or TikTok


Offer a Creative Mix: If you want the users to have an immersive experience with your app, then you need to offer them a wide range of creative videos to watch. It can be a mix of songs, dialogues and top event clips from across the globe. The more there is to explore, the more fun the users will have with the video apps.

Shoot Video Clips: If you allow your users to shoot short video clips and upload it to their social media channels, then you will automatically improve the engagement on your app. Allow the users to shoot their videos using the audio that you have already uploaded to the application.

All you need to do is allow the users to shoot the video clip, then make them choose from the sound categories, the sound that matches their post the most and finally record and edit the clips to bring about a sync.

You should allow them to record 15-second videos too. The popularity of Tik Tok is a result of the music mix they have introduced into their app. The idea is to include features that connect with the youngsters.

Add Effects: Allow the users to add special effects to their videos to engage more people and make their video popular. The idea is to include catchy and attractive effects that will definitely connect with the users.

They should be easy to include. You can use the latest tech trends such as artificial intelligence and image capturing technology in order to add special effects and improve the experience of the app.

Easy Sharing: Make sure you allow easy sharing of the music videos through your application. The user should be able to share the videos across all the popular social media channels with ease. With this, users can create viral videos.

Summing up

Music video apps are definitely gaining popularity and importance among the consumers of mobile applications. If you want to launch an app within this segment or wish to deliver a solution similar to Lasso like app, then connect with us. Coruscate is an iOS app development company which delivers impressive app solutions to meet your individual requirements. Connect with us via email or phone to discuss your idea and the possibilities.

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