Reasons for Increasing Fitness Tracker App Usage. Consider These Points to Develop Competitive Fitness App for your Business

The healthcare and fitness segment seems to be growing, not just in the number of participants joining in every year, but also in terms of the revenue generated. No wonder, you see a new fitness tracker app or health application hitting the app store on a daily basis. At least a million ideas are being triggered on a daily basis, and successfully being converted into a business opportunity.

The main reason behind this increase can be attributed to the awareness in recent times. It can also be attributed to the sedentary lifestyle we lead and the kind of diseases we are affected by. In an attempt to change their lifestyle and introduce healthy ways, people are turning to incorporate fitness into their daily life.

From forming healthy eating habits to regular exercises, the target market is flourishing with ways to stay fit and reduce the baseline. The fitness tracker apps not only help them with the right portions but also help them track the intake of calories and the calories burnt.

With the data that is available to the fitness market, the apps are being restructured and reinvented in order to close the existing gaps and build a better way of keeping track.

The fitness market will grow by 210% by 2020. This means, there is bound to be an exponential rise from $10Bn to $31Bn in the amount of revenue generated.

Currently, according to the data released by Statista, the top fitness tracking app in the market is Fitbit. The total number of users for this app equal 26Mn.

Let us take you through a few ideas for fitness apps, the must-have features as well as key things to consider before diving into the fitness market.

Top Fitness Tracker App Ideas for you


The diet tracker: These apps are being essentially downloaded by a multitude of users. These apps have the most market in current times. From recording the amount of food they eat to have a nutritionist tell them what kind of food they should have, the apps offer a lot of diet control to the users.

These fitness apps also remind the users to have water and take their medicines. The apps tell the users how much calories they have lost based on the combination of food and exercise for the day. The app takes into account your medical history as well as all the current issues you are facing, before giving you the perfect diet options.

The activity tracker: If you are entering into this segment, this is definitely a growing market and one that will survive all kinds of competition. These apps keep an eye on the activity that you do on a daily basis. You can set goals with this app, and see to it that you fulfill the goals.

You can even share the goal and activity with a friend and measure your growth. There is a lot of fun that you can create around these apps, and make sure that the audience enjoys the app as much as they should.

The trainer apps: For those who cannot go to the gym, and hire a personal trainer, this app is definitely useful. This app will talk to you just like the offline trainer would, and understand everything there is about you. They will cautiously chalk out a daily workout and diet sheet for you, which you need to follow.

Just like the personal trainer offline, they will make sure you follow all that has been defined for you and measure your progress. Based on your progress, they will screen the next step for you. For this app, you need to collaborate with several other personal trainers.

Workout apps: These apps are basically complete with videos and methods of performing an exercise. They are simple workout apps which tell you which exercise is best for which part of the body.

You can learn from the videos and perform these exercises. The workout apps also tell you how many sets of each exercise you need to perform so that you can achieve the set goal.

Let’s now get on with the must-have features for the fitness tracker app that you have ideated.

Must-have Features for your Fitness Tracker App


1. Workout programs: Your fitness app should have workout plans for different levels. The plans should be designed for the user, and according to the inputs made by them. From basic workout to intense workout, the app should list all the top exercises that can be performed by the end users.

2. Tracking the steps: The app should track the total number of steps the user has walked in a single day. They should graphically show how far the user has come with respect to the goal. The user should be able to track their physical activities, which include running, walking and cycling.

3. Calorie counter: Introduce the calorie counter feature into your app, as that will help the user know how much calories they consume, and the total calorie they have burnt. Make sure the calorie feature also mentions the total amount of calories the user has to burn on a single day in order to achieve their calorie goal.

4. Setting goals: The app should allow the user to set the realistic as well as attainable goals. This will help the end user track the goals and identify what level of activity and diet will help them achieve it. The goals should be divided between exercises and the diet that needs to be consumed to attain the fitness level desired. The app should be able to provide personalized recommendations to the user regarding the fitness and the diet and exercises.

5. Sleep tracking: The app should track the user’s sleep and take into account the number of hours they sleep and provide them with inputs regarding better sleep habits for them. Based on the data and insights, the app will offer personalized recommendations regarding sleep and snoring habits to the user, for better mornings.

6. Reminders: The app should remind the user about the important things, such as drinking water at regular intervals etc. The idea is to improve the overall health of the user and make sure they are hydrated.

Things to Consider While Developing Fitness Tracker App


Planning to develop a fitness tracker app for the idea that has just developed in your mind? Here are a few things you might want to consider before starting with app development.

Know what type of fitness app solution you are planning to provide. For this, you need to study the fitness tracker app market and identify the gaps that exist at the moment. You will need to study all the apps that exist, and what truly works with the end user, before formulating your idea. That single idea that you are planning on developing needs to be properly strategized before you can begin development.

Identify the features that you need to add to the fitness app you are planning. Remember, it is important that the features you add to the app align with the end goals defined for the application. All the features must be clearly defined and you should know the ultimate use of these features.

For instance, if your fitness tracker app is meant to calculate the steps and provide you with data accordingly, it is important the fitness tracker is registered with the app and is connected at all hours. This is one of the many features that you need to plan and align for the application.

Cost of development is another important aspect that you need to consider before delving into the planning stage. Make sure you have readied a documentation for the app development, and have taken into account all the points that will add to the cost of development.

Finally, you need to plan for the app’s compatibility with the various fitness tracking devices available in the market. You should ideally know of all the tracking applications that are available and make space for the growing number of devices.

Summing up


The fitness tracker app market is an ever growing and highly accommodative market. If you are into the fitness business, it is time to think of an app that will suit the needs of the target audience and will help you be more visible in the market.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Coruscate will become your technology partner to ease out all the technology concerns you might have of entering the fitness app market. We know the ins and outs of the industry and have developed quite a few applications in the past. We will devise just the right model for your market and business needs. Connect with us and we can take the discussion further and start planning for the app development.

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

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