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Beam becomes a second company to operate its e-scooter rental business in Malaysia. Know how to develop an e-scooter app like Beam + How to Make an App Like Beam + Create an App like Beam + Apps Like Beam + Develop Alternative of Beam

E scooter rental is a global trend. However, the e-scooter rental market in a few Asian countries like Malaysia and Singapore has died down. A visionary entrepreneur who launched the e-scooter rental company named Beam has taken the advantage of this less competitive market and deployed a fleet of 200 e-scooters on the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

In this blog, we will study the e-scooter rental market of two rapidly growing countries of Asia and how an e-scooter rental company Beam is solving two major problems associated with an e-scooter rental business which are parking and vandalism.

E-scooter rental Market of Malaysia and Singapore

Before the trend of the e-scooter rental business, our world was witnessing a trend of bicycle rental and Asia was the overshadowing that trend. Ofo and oBike were the two major bicycle rental companies operating their rental business in all major cities of China and Malaysia. They were also providing their services in Singapore. By mid-2017, Ofo and oBike have created a strong user base. Ofo has gone an extra mile and tied up with Didi and Alibaba. But Ofo snatched the defeat from the jaws of victory. They ran out of money and broke up with Didi and Alibaba. Soon, they stopped their all businesses in Malaysia and Singapore. The situation with Ofo and oBike was so worst that they didn’t take any of the bicycles with them while disappearing. Thus, local authorities issued a notice to remove all bicycles from the streets. But they failed to do so and so, local authorities banned their operating licenses.

However, as the global e-scooter rental market has boosted, a few companies like Kloon and Joyscoot have launched their e-scooter rental business in Singapore. But Malaysia misfired the opportunity.

Singapore-based Beam e-scooter rental company becomes the second e-scooter rental company after Neuron Mobility, to roll our its e-scooters in a major city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

In the next section of the blog, we will discuss about Beam and how they are solving two major problems of the e-scooter rental companies.

How Beam becomes Singapore’s personal mobility startup?

In July 2018, Alan Jiang and Deb Gangopadhyay founded Beam in Singapore. Alan has the expertise to expand the transportation options from his previous role at Ofo. He also worked with Uber to make the Uber’s taxi booking service accessible in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. While Deb has successfully led a SaaS tech startup in Silicon Valley

After just 2 months of its initial launch, Beam has raised a funding of $6.4 million in its seed funding round which was led by Sequoia India, Founder Fund, and Class 5 Global. In one of his interviews, the vice present of Beam’s corporate affair claimed to dominate the Malaysian e-scooter rental market as they own strong operations and support of staff to ensure success.

To rent the e-scooter of Beam, people just need to download the app. It costs them $0.80 to unlock the e-scooters and an additional 30 cents for each extra minute.

In Singapore, Beam is one of the most successful e-scooter rental apps. They want to apply those same strategies to be successful in Malaysia too. For that, the Beam team is focused on building and nurturing a mobility community in Malaysia like Singapore. They also communicate with users to understand the problems they are facing.

Other than community, they also work with the local authority to satisfy all legal norms. Here it is worth to mention that Beam hasn’t received an operating license by the governments of Singapore and Malaysia. But they are confident enough that they will get one later this year.

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How Beam is solving parking and vandalism problems of the e-scooter rental companies?

Riding on an e-scooters is fun. Regardless of age, all People prefer to use. But since e-scooter rental companies let them park it anywhere, they park e-scooters in a very inappropriate way which cause congestion even on the sidewalks. Moreover, a lot of accidents have been reported because of poor parking.

Beam has put emphasis on the parking problem and decided to collaborate with shop owners. They have avowed an idea of working with businesses and shop owners who want Beam to build parking spaces near their premises for the sake of more business. This is how Beam has revealed its ambition to eliminate a never-ending process of getting approval to build parking spaces on the government acquired land.

Vandalism is another annoying problem all e-scooter rental companies are facing. In recent days, a number of people who wittingly damage the e-scooter have reached the alarming figure. To get rid of this problem, e-scooter app development companies integrate a lot of features which make sure the security of the e-scooters. But e-scooter app development companies cannot stop all acts of vandalism with the help of just mobile app features. Thus, Beam is approaching law enforcement bodies to deal with e-scooter thefts and vandalism.

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