How To Develop An App Like Byju’s

What is Byju’s Educational/ E Learning App?

BYJU’s lets you gain from the best Indian educators through fascinating video exercises. 

In light of the idea of e-learning/m-learning, this application gives a straightforward and one of a kind video class module in any event, for the most entangled subjects. 

The best approach to examine is extremely straightforward in light of the fact that students rapidly go gaga for these online instruction applications like Byjus. 

This application covers grades 4 to 12 and gives different courses such as GMAT, ICSE, CAT, IAS, GRE, JEE, NEET, Bank Exams, and so on. 

Nowadays the field of education is profoundly changed by well disposed change driven by advanced mobile phone innovation. 

Byju’s extraordinary accomplishment with it’s online mobile application development in India has disrupted the online training process, causing us to consider the intensity of generally creative and increasingly dynamic m-learning arrangements, all things considered.

How Are Educational Apps Like Byju’s Beneficial To The Students?

These applications have been there for a long while and have effectively gathered the consideration of the education tech segment and have been essentially adding to the learning forms. 

Most students today are depending on m-learning and they have every valid justification to do as such, as the outcomes have been critical. 

A considerable lot of them prevail with regards to clearing tests and secure admission in their favored universities and foundations.

Benefits for m – learning and educational mobile applications:

The nature of courses is very much kept up and custom fitted in a manner to meet the individual prerequisites of the applicants. 

• Offer full-length video addresses with rich movement by top-most coaches in the country. 

• Various practice tests and mock tests are offered to make students familiar with real test papers. 

• Incorporates myriad out-of-the-box recommendations and tips, which are useful in learning vital ideas and building up the critical thinking abilities. 

• GD/PI meetings are likewise composed for the students to help the competitors in GD/PIs of specific universities and organizations. 

• Each student is doled out an individual coach who will help them in clearing questions. 

• At last, it is the idea of visual discovery that makes these educational mobile apps best out there. Inferable from its noteworthy properties, m-learning applications keep on administering the hearts of the students just as their folks.

Top Features To Be Included In M Learning Apps/ Features To Consider While Developing An App Like Byju’s

1. Total Syllabus Coverage: As the obligation regarding curating the examination material is given over to expert faculties, an all around orchestrated, and inside and out substance surfaces toward the finish of the procedure. The examination material is made to the point that each student gets the chance to complete the syllabus on schedule, at their pace.

2. Aids Visual Learning: Subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are shown best when students are made to learn with outwardly engaging strategies, rather than the excess and traditional blackboard procedure. Learning applications have video addresses for the exercises that need intelligent and visual educating.

3. Chapter – Wise Tests: It’s significant that students know where they remain with their insight when the chapter ends. Learning applications have in-assembled test mock tests, alongside other examples and question papers of earlier year assessments. These customary tests assist students with learning better, and track their expectation to absorb information.

4. In – Built Chat: In-Builti chat gives the students the facility to message their own coaches in periods of scarcity. This should be possible to see any idea or question inside the study material.

5. Adaptive Learning: Interactive and visuals exercises of learning applications are very versatile to the requirements of the students. It helps the advancement group to plan the schedule according to the necessities of students.

6. Third Party Apps: In – App Messaging, Calling, Chat Forums are a few functionalities that are accomplished utilizing third party applications, and act to help the learning of clients.

7. Logistics Dashboard: On the off chance that the group likewise bargains in giving printed versions of shipping material, at that point a coordination dashboard could be given in the application, so both group and clients could follow the status of their delivery.

In App Features – Student Panel

1. Registration

2. Login

3. Forgot Password

4. Browse All Courses

5. Profile Details i.e. E-mail, Password, Profile Picture, Name, Mobile Number, Account Details, School or Class, etc.

6. Search Courses – By Keywords or By Category

7. View Details Of The Courses i.e No. Of Lessons, Price For Each Lesson, Price For The Entire Course and Description Of The Course or Lesson

8. Purchases Courses/ Study Materials

9. Payment Mode

10. Download or Read Online

11. Live Chat

12. Subscription Cancellation

13. Purchase History

14. Attend Test

15. Track your shipment

In App Features – Admin Panel

Manage Themes: Admin can manage themes which the users can choose so that feel and look of the user account can be changed.

          » Add

          » Delete

          » Activate

          » Deactivate

• Manage Courses: Admin can view all the courses added by the teachers

          » Search

          » Filters

          » Choose Category

          » Name of Course

          » Description

          » Topic name

          » Description of Topic

          » Price for a topic

          » Time slot for teaching

          » Choose cancellation policy

          » View

• Manage Subscription: Admin has the right to change what users can buy.

          » Add

          » Name of Package

          » Price

          » Description

          » Edit

          » Delete

          » Activate

          » Deactivate

• Manage Users: Admin can view details about all the users, all the information associated with the user, and all the sub users.

          » View

          » Search

          » Filters

          » Add

          » Delete

          » Activate

          » Deactivate

• Statistics: Admin can also view the following stats:

          » Number of courses purchased

          » Number of sessions

          » Number of Users/Student

          » Payments

          » Top Performing Courses

• Content Manager: Admin can manage website content:

          » Add/upload

          » Edit

          » Delete

          » Activate

          » Deactivate

          » Content pages

• Transaction History

• Track Orders.

• Shipping

• Ticketing

• CRM: Platform for improvised customers services

• IVRS: Company’s communications system allows callers to interact with the back office staff over a call.

Extra/ Premium Features To Build A Stand Online Educational App Like Byju’s

1. Parental Access

2. Track Syllabus

3. Assess Performance Of The Student

4. Set Reminders Regarding Lessons

5. Discounts

M Learning/ E Learning App/ Online Learning App : Free vs Premium Subscription:

Free membership contains only 20-40% of content, while premium membership covers full course that is 95-100% planned to board syllabus.

As a top notch part, you can ask questions and get them cleared from your tutors. 

Web network isn’t required with the Premium variant, as it works disconnected. 

Free membership can be appreciated for just 15-30 days as after that the legitimacy terminates, while premium form stays legitimate for the entire of the scholastic year. 

Despite the fact that free membership doesn’t cost any, while premium variant expenses as much as Rs. 25000/class, still the advantages are unparalleled.

Why Should You Build An Online Learning App/ Online Educational App Like Byju’s/ M Learning App Like Byju’s

• E Learning saves time and money: With web based learning, the students can get to content anyplace and whenever. They don’t have to invest significant energy from their daily routines to go to classes. E-learning is additionally financially savvy; organizations spare a considerable sum on the movement and convenience expenses of the two students and teachers, just as the setting and materials. No printing diminishes the carbon impression, as well.

• E Learning leads to better retention: Present day students incline toward scaled down, intelligent content. They would prefer to watch a video or tune in to a webcast than read through pages of a manual. E-learning apparatuses empower learning creators to make content intelligent. The more captivating the content is, the better the students recollect data. On the off chance that they appreciate learning, they can ready to review and apply the ideas at work.

• E Learning is consistent: In up close and personal meetings, each educator has their own strategy for teaching. Each differs in approach and style and is vulnerable to botches. You can take out these issues with e-learning. Web based learning gives reliable and normalized preparing without fail. Every student experiences a similar encounter paying little mind to when and where the individual takes the course.

• E Learning is scalable: Internet learning is versatile. You can turn it out to the same number of workers you need and is a one-time venture. The more students take the course, the quicker you can discount the cost.

• E Learning offers personalization: Every student has novel inclinations and learning objectives. E-learning makes it conceivable to take into account singular needs. It permits students to pick their learning way and explore at their own pace. At the point when they choose what to realize and when, they remain put resources into the course.

All In All We Cater Your Your Needs And Turn Them Into Reality

With all these factors taken into consideration, it is no surprise that your e-learning will top the popularity charts. From developing an app, to addressing all the market related queries, our team of developers walk hand in hand with the customers.

We can help distinguish advanced thoughts and build an ed-tech application. Our team of able curators will create an application that satisfies your business model and its objectives and deliver a powerful product in your hands. Contact us for more details.

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