Develop An App Like Tinder: All You Need To Know 2022

The Internet sure has changed the way we lead our lives and in fact, it has changed the way we choose which people we communicate with and who we let into our lives. In this digital era, every Instagram follow and unfollow means something and people start deducing and putting pieces together. 

Tinder is an online dating app, which has grown in popularity over the last couple of years. You can create a dating profile and connect with people who themselves are looking to date someone. 

Tinder filters the search results based on the age, interests and a few other categories. So that everyone gets a filtered pool of suggestions. 

Now, let’s take a look at the dating app industry 

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  •  Dating app revenues have increased every year since 2015, reaching $5.61 billion in 2021. 
  • Usage has also increased, with over 323 million people worldwide using dating apps. The vast majority of matchmaking is done on mobile devices.
  • Sensor Tower data reveals that monthly active users of Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge collectively grew 17% in January 2022 when compared to January 2019.

If you are looking to develop a dating app like tinder and profit off of the market situation, this guide will help you with it. 

Features of a dating app that you should include 

While developing your app, use this as a checklist of all important features that a dating app must have 

Easy Login and Sign Up

Once users download the app, try to make the sign up easy and quick. This stands firm as important for any application because people have a short attention span and nobody likes the hassle of filling long forms. 

Profile Set Up

Dating apps like Tinder are based on people exploring other people’s profiles. You are essentially looking for a good profile match that you can connect with. So, make sure it includes extensive details about someone. Only having a single display picture with a name and age on it,will not cut it for users because they don’t have enough information to select or reject a profile. 

Ideally a dating  profile should have

  • Full names, age, gender of the person 
  • At least 5-7 pictures 
  • Interests and Hobbies 
  • Educational Background 
  • A brief about what they are looking for on the app  
  • City of residence and Hometown 
  • Links to other social media profiles 
  • Professional Background 
  • A short description of their vision for their future 
  • When did the user join your app 

Now, it doesn’t have to look like a job resume but all these details authenticate the process of dating online.Not having met someone in person and chat being the only way to connect with them is daunting at first.

The authenticity of people is what matters the most and only then will people seriously consider the app an option to connect with someone and date them in real life. One of the best ways to build that trust is to provide extensive details of users on the dating application.

People will feel safe and can make better decisions. 

Safety and Security

Online dating apps like tinder, need to provide A levels of security to their users.By the nature of this app, which has people talking about personal details and having personal interactions with actual strangers, security is at the forefront. Here are a few ways you can offer safety to the users 

  • End to end encryption for chat 
  • Lock a few parts of the profile until someone allows access to a user 
  • Allow deleting chat on both ends by a single user 
  • Allow blocking users 
  • Prevent sharing live location 
  • Ask for additional confirmation before sharing media files and documents. 
  • Allow hiding the profile from some contacts 
  • Give a verification mark to authentic and active profile after an inspection 

If done right, safety can become your differentiator as a brand. If your strategy adds an important security feature to the dating app which was otherwise missing, people will choose your app over other Tinder or Bumble . 

Swipe Feature 

The swipe feature works!

It allows users to go through many profiles in a short amount of time. Just having a few pictures and main details of the users at first sight. People create a sort of a ‘shortlist’ that they can interact with later. This was the main attraction of Tinder where users found it interesting to just sweep through profiles so quickly and the access to information they have about a person. 

Whenever someone rejects a profile, the app makes sure not to show that or a similar profile to the user. This makes the filtering process even more detailed. 


Much like tinder, you can include a feature where once the “like” is exchanged between two profiles, it is considered a match. 

The match can then allow both parties to gain full access to the profile and start a conversation. 

Until the selection is made from both sides, no user can gain access to all details about the other person. 

Push Notifications 

Users want to get notified when they receive a text, like or match on the dating app. This will also remind the users to use the app and be active on it. 

Communication Tools 

Now it is upto your vision and brand positioning to choose the communication tools available on your dating app. Obviously regular text messaging is a must. But what other tools are made available to the users depends on  various factors such as 

  • What type of security you offer on the app and what tools corroborate to it 
  • What is the brand identity and positioning in the market 

Some communication channels you can consider including 

  • Live video chat 
  • Audio call feature 
  • Voicemails 
  • Disappearing Chats 

Business strategy pointers you can use for your dating app like Tinder 

  • Have a niche 
  • Create a brand differentiator 
  • Develop a brand identity with the right message
  • Create stunning User Interface for the app
  • Choose bright and fun colors in the brand palate 
  • Develop the right business model
  • Plan out what benefits your paid subscribers will get 

There are pros and cons in entering a market which has a dominating player. Here are few of the advantages you can get if you chose to enter the dating app industry and compete with Tinder and Bumble 

  • People are open to trying out any dating app which puts a fresh spin on something dated. 
  • If your app offers more security, people will make the switch 
  • You already have examples and templates that you can use and make it better instead of creating an entirely new concept and breaking ground . 

How can we help you develop your dating app like Tinder?

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