Create Your Own On-Demand Grocery App Like Dunzo : Insider Guide 2022

About Dunzo 

Dunzo is an Indian hyper-local on-demand service app, founded in 2014 by Kabeer Biswas, Dalvir Suri, Ankur Agarwal and Mukund Jha. 

Currently available in Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai, Jaipur, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Dunzo also operates a bike taxi service in Gurugram. 

The on-demand application solves the everyday problems faced by many. Making small purchases and sending items to someone in the city. All this is made easy by Dunzo

What is different about Dunzo?

There are plenty of on-demand grocery apps in India currently. But Dunzo seems to out-perform its peers because it owns the delivery layer wholly. It is not only an on-demand grocery app or a pick and drop service. It is an on-demand service done differently. 

The range of services Dunzo offers is unmatched at the moment. 

  • Grocery Delivery: Dunzo lists nearby stores categorically and users can order from the store they choose and browse through the available products. 
  • Pick and Drop Service: People can send gifts, food, medicines and anything else from one place to another using the application. Dunzo will pick up and drop packages for a fee. It is especially useful in urban areas where time is luxury and sometimes you really don’t have a way to ship something important to someone in your city. 
  • Fresh Produce Delivery: Fruits and vegetables can be ordered through the application and will be delivered within 19 minutes. 
  • Paan shop: Dunzo delivers paan (betel leaves prepared in a particular manner) through the application, Which is quite unique even for the on-demand delivery model. 
  • Pet Supplies: Pet food and grooming needs are also taken care of by Dunzo. Users can order this on the app and have it delivered within minutes. 
  • Books and Stationery: Another category in Dunzo. Books can also be ordered on the application. 
  • Dunzo for Business: Logistics solutions built for business and last-mile deliveries. As a business owner, you can partner with Dunzo and track your customer orders, schedule pickups and deliveries, add multiple drop options, live support, collect cash on delivery from customers and so on. If you need more details on this, go through this page. 

How to create your own on-demand grocery app like Dunzo 


If you are looking to create your own on-demand grocery app like Dunzo, be sure to add these features to the app and develop a user-friendly app. 

Sign in and on boarding

Keep it as simple as possible is important. Users see multiple step sign in as a hassle. Avoid that and keep a simple signing up process. Allow users to browse through the app as a guest and only require sign in when purchasing items. 

Add Location

Let users manually enter their location to avoid errors and check if the service is available in their area. Sometimes automatic sensing can be inaccurate and will leave problems for the delivery person and customer. Avoid this by making sure you have automatic and manual options for feeding in the user’s location. 

Listed view of stores

The stores that are listed on your platform should be categorically visible to the user. The more specific their search result  is, the better it is for user experience. 

Listed view of in-stock products

Availability and in-stock items should be clearly visible. You don’t want people ordering out of stock items only to be disappointed later. 

Simple navigation

One of the best practices for UI is having a simple interface which is easy to navigate through. The buttons are placed correctly, all details mentioned at the right place etc. Keep it simple so that anyone can use it pretty effortlessly. 

Stellar but simple UI

The font, colors, design etc on the graphic design part, should be visually stunning at the same time simple enough to use and accomplish the task you set out to do on the app. 

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Payment Options

Your app should have multiple available modes of payment. Online and offline. Credit card, debit card, UPI, cash on delivery. This makes the user experience much better. 

Monetize your services 

Here are a few ways you can monetize the app and generate revenue 

  1. Commission on each order 
  2. Delivery Fees 
  3. User membership fees 
  4. Surge Pricing when needed 

Create a terrific supply chain 

Ensure your supply chain is efficient and quick. If you are looking to develop an app like Dunzo, supply chain is crucial in maintaining the quality of service. To keep the promise of quick delivery, lay out the chain in a way that makes the process smooth and with minimal error. 

Hire and equip the delivery persons 

Another important step in creating a business of on-demand grocery delivery, is hiring enough delivery persons and giving them the right technology and equipment to help them carry out the task. The app should have all details about the order placed, location and mode of payment of the customer.

Delivery guys should also be trained to handle difficult situations and be polite to customers. After the app interface, delivery persons interact directly with the customers and the many interactions that happen can make or break your brand. 

Develop a customer care 

Dedicate customer care for your on-demand grocery app. Allow users to easily register complaints and enquiries. Customer care is a pillar of creating trust with your target market. Take responsibility and be there when a user wants to communicate with you. 

How we can create your on-demand grocery app like Dunzo

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