$5000 e-scooter app vs $15000 e-scooter app: Understand the conspiracy of companies offering e-scooter app at just $5000

One cannot estimate the fixed cost of the app development, especially when the app is an e-scooter app that involves many complex modules and groundbreaking technologies. 

Like a base model of the car with all basic features comes keenly-priced than a premium variant of the same car, an e-scooter app with limited features, restricted ownership, and outdated technologies costs really less than the precisely-engineered and future-ready e-scooter app which accommodates space-age features and user-centric design. 

The money you should invest in the app depends on the business requirements, goals and market scenario. If the market is not intensified and you don’t have a few challenging goals, you won’t lose anything by opting for a keenly-priced app which costs you below $5000. 

But talking specifically about e-scooter apps, considering the fact that the micro-mobility market is intensified and an e-scooter app and its technologies influence the permit and compatibility with e-scooter hardware greatly,  your e-scooter app should have many custom-features including many safety features. 

In this blog, we will discuss why it is worth spending a few more thousand dollars on an e-scooter app to avoid falling into a legal trap and pushing your micro-mobility startup to the dead end. We will also discuss the game-changing services premium e-scooter app development companies offer to micro-mobility startups. But before all of these, let’s first study the factors which control the cost to build an e-scooter app.

Factors controlling the cost to build an e-scooter app 

When an e-scooter app development company gives you the quote, they take many factors into account to decide the cost. Following are some of those major factors: 

  • App development approach 

Almost all app development companies can develop the same app using different development approaches. One of the reasons why they are offering many app development approaches is the diverse requirements of all different startups. 

Major two app development approaches are custom app development approach and clone app development approach. 

In the custom app development approach, they aggressively study the market, understand the characteristics of the market and develop an e-scooter app in such a way that it suits the requirements and characteristics of the market.  

Whereas, in a clone app development approach, they simply put feature-set of a popular e-scooter app in your e-scooter app. They even copy the design of that another app. 

  • Code ownership 

You are not paying for the e-scooter app, you are paying for the code! 

If e-scooter app development companies do not share ownership of your e-scooter app’s code with you, they can legally use the code of your app in some other app. It affects both you and the owner of that ‘other app’. 

Code ownership is also very important to update the app in the future.  

And since you are paying for the code and not for the app, you won’t have any way to prove ownership of the app if you are not the owner of the code! 

  • Services beyond app development 

Owning an e-scooter app doesn’t make you business-ready. You need manpower, e-scooter hardware, insurance and most importantly, permit.  

You can fight against these business challenges by yourself. But having a business expert beside you makes a whole lot of difference. 

Companies that are charging less than $5000 for the e-scooter app do not offer you the consultation – from industry experts – to acquire the permit, select the e-scooter hardware, draft the business plan, study the market and decide on the business model. (Because, these companies do not accommodate industry experts, business experts, and legal advisors.)

Whereas, there are many companies which understand the requirements of the client and offer many services beyond app development. These companies accommodate business experts, legal advisors, industry experts, and even the success managers who all work together to help you overcome business challenges associated with the micro-mobility business. 

The following are some more factors which control the cost to build an e-scooter app. 

  • Rider security features: These ensure the safety of the riders. Major safety features include real-time surrounding alert, speed alert, parking, and riding tutorial. 
  • Admin panel features: These enable you to run an e-scooter sharing business effortlessly. Top admin panel features include user management, rider management, vehicle management, ride management, payment management, dispute management, fare management 
  • App compatibility with a number of e-scooter models: ‘Cheap’ e-scooter app only supports one or two models of the e-scooter. Whereas, a premium e-scooter app supports many models of the e-scooter. Meaning, you can populate your fleet with different e-scooter models. 

So, now when you know the factors playing a major role in defining the cost of the e-scooter app, let’s move ahead and understand the difference between $5000 e-scooter app and $15000 e-scooter app. 

A ‘cheap’ vs ‘premium’ e-scooter app (‘$5000’ vs ‘$15000’) 


What are you getting?  $5000 e-scooter app  $15000 e-scooter app
Custom app  Run your business with an app which is the replica of some popular e-scooter app!  They create a custom version of an e-scooter app with custom features, satisfying all legal norms. 
Code ownership  Limited ownership  They share full code ownership as the app is built specifically for you.
Feature-set  Limited  An extensive feature-set with the scope of customization 
Safety features  Basic features, not sufficient to acquire the permit  Disruptive safety features which actually help you get the permit
Admin panel features A few most common features  Unique custom-features with a bunch of filtration options and remote operation options
Consultation  You are on your own.  A team of industry experts, business experts, and legal advisors is there to save you from falling in legal trap and financial crisis 
Number of e-scooter models compatible with the e-scooter app  Maximum 2  By just adding the unique number of the many different e-scooter hardware in the admin panel, you can bring them online (in an e-scooter app). 
App security  Crucial data is within the reach of unwanted parties.  They follow best practices to make your app secure. A multi-layer security mechanism makes it unhackable. 
Payment module  Third-party  Custom 

That’s all. I hope, you have got the conspiracy of companies selling e-scooter apps under $5000 and why you should keep a safe distance from cheap e-scooter apps. If not, here is the conclusion: By spending $5000, you only receive a single ‘basic’ resource to start an e-scooter sharing business. But by spending $15000, you receive all ‘premium’ resources to start an e-scooter sharing business.  

Who are we and how can we help you to build the most-advanced playground to kick off e-scooter sharing business? 

Coruscate is the top e-scooter app development company that has developed 10 e-scooter apps for different markets and helped many micro-mobility startups to achieve impossible. 

We accommodate 100+ app developers, app designers, business experts, legal advisors, industry experts, and IoT engineers who all work together to make your business journey painless. 

Our legal advisors, industry experts, and business experts help micro-mobility startups to acquire the permit, select the e-scooter hardware, decide on the business model, draft the business plan and study the market. 

For those startups which cannot afford to pay $15000 for an e-scooter app, we offer a subscription plan for the same future-ready app with all extra services. That subscription plan starts from just $500. 

To know more about our pricing structures and get the personalized quote, please feel free to contact us. Our one of the senior business experts will welcome you with the free e-scooter app demo and free consultation.

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