Uber clone script, having 4 rare features beyond common features

Uber Clone Script, with 4 Rare Features Beyond Common Features by Coruscate

People are claiming that developing a taxi app like Uber is no longer a luxury. Yes, it is not, but only when you opt for Uber clone script which is having a few common features!

Uber Clone script, clone app

Uber clone script with some groundbreaking features is still a luxury, not because of the cost but because of the nonavailability in the market. To save money and to launch the business quickly, many entrepreneurs prefer to go for basic taxi app development and soon become the victim of the low customer acquisition rate.

Since a few entrepreneurs are being more partial to basic taxi apps, taxi app development companies are also not wasting resources and time to develop unique Uber clone script which offers ultimate convenience and user experience to both riders and drivers.

However, Coruscate has already been committed to bringing innovation in the taxi app. Thus, we have figured out and implemented a few rare features which are already there in the native Uber app, but no one is talking about it. Most importantly, we are offering all those rare features along with common features in the Uber clone app at the one time cost of $10000 or less.

Check a quick demo of our Uber clone taxi app:


Features we provide with our Uber Clone script:


The following are those 4 rare features of Uber native app which we have added in our Uber clone script.

Uber Beacon

What it is? & Why it’s important?

Uber Beacon lets a rider identify his driver in the crowded space. Here is how: From the app itself, while booking the ride, riders can select any color from the available 24-bit RGB colors. This selected color is now transmitted to his matched driver’s app and via Bluetooth of the driver phone, the command is transmitted to an Uber’s ‘Beacon’ device and it glows in a color chosen by the rider. Since the beacon device is installed on the windscreen of the car, a rider can easily see it and easily identify his driver.


» Usability

Both for drivers and riders, the pick-up has always been difficult, especially when the pick-up spot is somewhere near crowded places like markets, stadiums and event locations. Not only physical factors but sometimes technical factors are also affecting the actualizing of painless pick-up. And this misshape often results in poor user experience.

With the Uber Beacon feature which looks very unique yet simple, the rider can identify the driver without making too many calls and SMSs. All a rider has to do is, choosing a color and identifying the car having the same color in its Uber Beacon device.

How does Coruscate bring it to life?

To actualize the Uber Beacon like feature into Uber clone script, we have reengineered the driver app because the driver app is more responsible for it than the rider app. We have written a dedicated code that handles the Bluetooth connectivity and communication between the driver app and a rider app. We have also tested the features with Uber Beacon like hardware.

Here, it is worth mentioning that Uber Beacon like hardware which should be equipped with Bluetooth technology costs you less than $20.

Driver and rider centric ride cancellation

What is it?

Ride cancellation is very common, so does the after ride cancellation troubles, especially related to a cancellation fee. Thus, Uber has introduced a two-sided cancellation process to make sure neither riders nor drivers have to pay unnecessary penalties for ride cancellation. For that, they have defined two scenarios.

» If a rider cancels the ride

Uber sees ‘ride cancellation from the rider side’ in two well-defined sub-scenarios. If the rider cancels the ride within 5 minutes of ride-booking, Uber does not charge him a cancellation fee. But if a rider cancels the ride more than 5 minutes after requesting the ride and if the driver is running on the time (which is by the way assured by the algorithms), Uber charges rider a cancellation fee and the driver earns between $5 and $10, based on the types of the account he owns.

» If a driver cancels the ride

» This scenario has two sub-scenarios too.

When a driver cancels the request after accepting it, the app automatically finds another nearest driver to make sure riders get service on time. Meanwhile, the driver who has canceled the ride after accepting it is now able to see a significant rise in his cancellation rate. Uber tracks this rate and if it exceeds the certain limit (around 10%), the app sends him the warning. And if it continues to climb, Uber may deactivate the account.

» And the most complex cancellation process is here:

If a driver reaches pick-up location on-time and the rider does not show up, the Uber app allows the driver to start a 5-minute countdown. During this time, the app sends several notifications to the rider and also verifies whether a driver is actually there near the pick-up location or not. If rider does not show up in 5 minutes and the app successfully detects the driver near the pick-up location, the driver can cancel the ride. Not only this, the app takes a cancellation fee from the rider and deposits it in driver’s earning.

How does Coruscate bring it to life?

Needless to say, the whole cancellation process highly depends on a well-written algorithm. Our ride canceling algorithm works similar to Uber’s. It verifies the driver’s location, notifies the rider, charges a cancellation fee and updates the drivers’ cancellation rate and other relevant information.

Instant driver identity

What it is?

Instant driver identity is the feature in both Uber and UberEats apps which asks drivers to verify their identity by taking a selfie from the app itself. The app usually asks drivers to prove their identity after every 2 to 4 online sessions or if the app detects any unusual user activity. A driver is only allowed to be online if his selfie has some similarities with his uploaded profit photo.

» Usability

Riders have reported many fake Uber drivers who are running Uber taxi under the Uber account of their friends and relatives. The situation was so severe that a few Uber drivers were selling their Uber accounts to the people who do not have sufficient documents to be Uber partner.

Though in most of the cases, their major goal behind wearing a fake identity has always been earning more money, Uber has been considering this as a major threat to riders. So, it became an urgency for Uber to prevent such fake drivers from using the Uber driver app.

Thanks to the instant driver identity feature, Uber can now make sure that only registered drivers can provide taxi service to users. Uber has also added a feature in the rider app which enables riders to report the fake driver.

How does Coruscate bring it to life?

Just like the other two features, we have used a well-written algorithm for this feature too. However, the major catch here is, this time we have used a machine learning algorithm that matches the selfie of the driver with his profile picture precisely. Our machine learning algorithm learns by itself and improves its matching capabilities with new data and time.

Data-driven driver matching

What is it?

When a rider books the ride, Uber’s matching algorithm does not simply allocate the nearest available driver to the rider, but it examines factors like weather, traffic, one-way streets, bridges, drivers’ rating, and their cancellation rate and finds the ‘perfect’ driver who can pick up the rider in the least possible time.

» Usability

Because of many factors, many times a driver who is just a few blocks away from the rider cannot pick him up faster than a driver who is a bit far away. With Uber’s AI-based matching algorithm, Uber now does not give priority to the driver who is ‘nearest’, but to the driver who is ‘fastest’. This new matching algorithm is helping both drivers and riders by saving their time.

How does Coruscate bring it to life?

Being a top taxi app development company, we understand the importance of AI and machine learning techniques. Thus, we accommodate a dedicated team of data scientists and AI engineers whose only job is giving the exceptional ability to business logic in order to complete a task efficiently. For us, they have written and successfully implemented many AI and machine learning-based matching algorithms that work similarly to Uber’s. Our all matching algorithms are customizable which we usually customize after studying the market and users’ needs of our client’s business operational area.

To get the demo of the Uber-like taxi app, feel free to contact us. We provide both custom-built and clone version of the taxi app with all rare features we have discussed in this blog. We, being the top taxi app development company, will become your business strategic partner and our very well-schooled business experts and research fellows will help you to dominate every market you are planning to jump in.


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