How to convert an iOS App into an Android App: Cost and Challenges

How to convert an iOS App into an Android App: Cost and Challenges

When you think about converting an iOS App into an Android App, It generates lots of questions such as 

Why is it important? 

What is the process? 

How much does it cost?

What are the challenges to do so?

In this article, you will find answers to all your questions

Sometimes businesses develop an application on a single platform and later decide on the right time to make it available on both platforms. When you decide to convert an iOS app to an Android app, there are no such ready-made tools available to do that task.

It is always a great idea to choose an app development company to convert an iOS app into an Android app.

Why is it important to convert an iOS app into an Android app

There are so many reasons why one should convert an iOS app into an Android app, but let’s have a look at some of the primary reasons which give a clear vision to understand this question:

Wider market reach

As we all know, the Google App store generates much more downloads than the Apple App Store. By converting into an Android application, one can reach out to a broader audience through the Android market.

More number of features

When we decide to convert an iOS app into an Android app, we can always explore various features that Google has such as,

Back Button


Push Notifications

Android Intent  

Make more money

By monetizing your application on Google App Store, you can reach a broader range of audiences and can make more money through it.

How to Convert an iOS App into an Android App?

As we’ve already discussed, there are no such readymade tools available to directly convert an iOS app into an Android app. Both platforms use different technologies to develop an application. So to convert an iOS app into an Android app, you will have to  follow these steps: 

Analyze and Conduct a proper plan

First analyze the features, design, workflow, and characteristics of an application. Then determine what kind of problems and errors can arise while converting the application. Decide on back-end individualities, tools and frameworks, and the app porting process.

Plan Evaluation and Implementation

After making a plan, evaluate all relevant things such as libraries, codes, frameworks, third-party mobile app development services, etc. Choose the right Tech Stack to port your application and start implementing it.

App Testing and Releasing

As we are porting applications from one platform to another, it needs accurate testing results. The Quality Assurance Team and Development team has to make sure that it does not leave any kind of loopholes behind. This phase includes the following procedures:

Software module Integration Testing

Validation Testing

Testing of user scenarios

Beta Testing

How much does it cost to convert an iOS App into Android App?

Generally, it costs something between $6000 to $20000 to convert an average feature iOS app into an Android app. The cost depends upon various factors such as:

1. Languages and frameworks used.

2. User Interface

3. APIs

4. Software Development Kits(SDKs)

5. Hardware interaction an application

6. Types of supported devices and android versions

How much time does it take to convert an iOS App into Android App?

It depends on various factors but if we want to give an estimate of a simple featured iOS application to convert into an Android application, it generally takes 1 to 6 months.(Can vary based on the difficulties of the application.)

What are the Challenges of porting an iOS app into an Android App?

As both platforms are very different in their ways, there are some challenges that one might encounter while porting an iOS app into an Android App.

Code Migration 

iOS applications are developed using Objective C or Swift Programming Language whereas Android applications are developed using Java and Kotlin. It is very difficult to convert one programming language to another. So this process can be bulky sometimes.

Architecture Differences

Both iOS and Android have so many versions. Some of the features can be supported in their current versions but not on older versions. This is a non-negligible problem that every developer faces while porting an iOS application to an Android Application.

Design Features

iOS and Android both have very different UI. Both have a different set of design features and design rules. iOS uses human interface guidelines whereas Android uses Material UI. That is how designing can be challenging while porting an iOS app to an Android app

Libraries and Frameworks

There are so many different libraries and frameworks available for mobile app development. One needs to check compatibility before porting their code. This is only applicable when both platforms are working on Objective C . Otherwise, you have to find an alternative solution for the same.

Different Screen-size

As there are so many manufacturers who make android phones, it creates a lot of variance in screen sizes whereas when it comes to iOS devices, they do not hold this kind of huge variance in screen size. This is how the difference in screen size can be challenging.

Porting an iOS application into an Android application is not an easy task. It can not be done by any simple converter or platform. One needs to hire an  app development company to do so and follow guidelines to convert an iOS app into an Android app. 

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