Why should you go for e-scooters instead of cars while electrifying transportation?

As the problem of global warming is rising every day, people are looking for various ways to tackle it. But do you know, road transportation is the quickest growing sector where there are huge emissions? It is also a sector that seems most difficult to resist.

Transport is an essential part of the whole economy. Without transport, everything else seems unimaginable. So, companies like Tesla and Nissan came up with the idea of electric cars. There are estimates about electric car adoptions at 30% of total sales by the year 2030 and most of the cars are expected to be electrified by 2050. But this transforming is not early enough. We need faster methods to handle and balance the environment today.

Cars are not really the solution to this problem. Do you know why? Because the emissions cannot be dealt with when cars are used for short trips.

So, what’s the solution? Of course, “micro-mobility” services have the potential to solve some of the biggest problems facing urban and suburban communities. These services can extend their access to public commutation and reduce our environmental footprint saving us money. Micro-mobility can be just as innovative and modification as solar power and can have influences that will be felt much sooner.

Cities need to think about the rightful concerns over security and how best to receive large bulks of two-wheel traffic on their streets and sidewalks, and the answer lies in the more responsive and impartial allocation of street space. There is a need to redesign public transit systems to better integrate and leverage emerging micro-mobility networks. As there is no faster and affordable way to cut down carbon emissions, reinvigorate crowd transit, and address the wasteful and codependent connection with the vehicles.

Here are the key reasons for which we are encouraging using e-scooters instead of cars:


» Capabilities

What do you think is the most inefficient thing about driving a car? Yes, it is the car itself. Why? The car is much heavier than the person driving it and so most of the car’s energy is used to move the vehicle itself. In comparison, an e-scooter weighs just around 28 pounds and can be operated with a suitable electric motor. So, there is a huge advantage in terms of energy use.

» The Cost of Fuel

The electric scooters will always have an upper hand in the coming future, though they have struggled in their early years with the cheaper options powered by fossil fuels. The tiny monsters are cheaper and affordable to use than other commute options like taxis or personal cars.

» The Cost of Production

When it comes to e-scooters they are not just energy efficient. The cost of manufacturing an e-scooter is much less than the cost of production of a car. If we compare the Tesla Model 3 which costs approx $53000- it is equivalent to the cost of 100 e-scooters. So, it is not wrong to say that micro-mobility has the potential to render transport at a much cheaper economic and environmental cost.

» Embedded Energies

Electric micro-mobility devices like e-scooter are classifications of quantity more affordable to manufacture, more energy-efficient, and more fuel-efficient than any other choices. They demand little or no supplementary infrastructure. So, there are advantages that should be considered by the city planners to allocate urban space to e-scooters. Cash-strapped governments are in urgent requirement of affordable solutions to transportation and environmental problems. So, e-scooters, as of now is the best possible solution for everyone to opt for.

Recent News and Fundings of E-scooter startups:


E-scooter startup Bird has raised $275 million in its new funding round taking its valuation to $2.5 billion.
E-scooter startup Bounce has crossed the valuation of $220 million. It has raised $72 million in the latest funding round.

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda’s electric scooters have proved to be amazing. And Yamaha has introduced E01, E02, and Tricity electric scooters.

How is Coruscate helpful for your e-scooter rental business to tackle the issues of the environment?


We believe that app development is all about affordability. So, we have tried to remove the cost barrier and we have introduced our micro-mobility platform called Rohak which enables new entrepreneurs to kickstart your e-scooter rental business by paying as little as $500 per month.

If you are an enterprise wanting to start the e-scooter rental business on a large scale, and you are looking for a suitable amazing app for your business, we can provide it starting from $15000 with all the essential features.

Why should you opt for Rohak?


To build Rohak, it took 18 months of research on more than 15 impressive businesses and more than 150 entrepreneurs who had in-depth knowledge of the mobility market.

Rohak can be advantageous for you in terms of various things like:

The software can get fundings from the investors. It can be used with the business partners and your staff to set goals. Rohak can be used to activate your daily operations to find out the challenges, risks, and problems beforehand.

Your future with Rohak:


We believe, our incubation program is the best way to start with the e-scooter rental business. Our platform -Rohak is affordable for starting a micro-mobility business on a small to medium scale. The platform is scalable and customizable as well. The data migration is easy as Rohak is a versatile software.

We have always believed in bringing innovations to save the environment and do some good for people. With our technology solution- Rohak, we are aiming to encourage people to make the earth clean and green and to solve the urban mobility issues.

So, if you are planning to start an e-scooter business and are interested to know more about Rohak or get your customized e-scooter app solution, get in touch with us through the contact us form. Our expert developers can design and develop out-of-the-box solutions for your business that can help you grow and capture the micro-mobility market and earn huge revenues.


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