Get a Carpooling clone script for your Rideshare business to reach your customers and generate big revenues

Get a Carpooling clone script for your Ride Sharing business to reach your customers and generate big revenues

People are gearing up to save the environment from greenhouse gases. Get carpooling clone script to make an impact on the world with your ride sharing app.


People are understanding the importance of the environment and they are opting a green way of life. Even in the case of transportation, people are opting for those ways of commute which are less harmful to the environment. Carpooling can be an eco-friendly way to travel. Sharing the car while going to offices or on the same route could be a more affordable and faster way to commute. At the same time, it helps in countering air pollution and traffic congestion.

As the people across the world are having their own transportation needs, the need for carpooling is growing day by day. Coruscate is excelling in the development of carpooling apps and is leading the ridesharing app development. We can help you to launch your business in very little time with our carpooling white label solutions.

The carpooling app acts as a connection between users and drivers. The app allows people to commute with all the necessary information. The app can be developed on platforms like iOS and Android. The features and user interface is customizable allowing you to build and maintain a unique identity for your business.

Business Model for your carpooling clone app
The carpooling and ride-sharing are very similar to those of the taxi booking app. In the carpooling app, car drivers are allowed to share their commute details. These details are then matched with riders going down the same route.

Carpooling is also winning a lot of attention as it is advantageous for the drivers and riders. Using the carpooling app as cuts down their travel costs. The carpooling clone script that we provide you is a powerful ride-sharing app that can be very useful for your ride-sharing business.

Benefits for drivers

  • The opportunity to earn extra income
  • The drivers are allowed to work anytime and are not compelled to any agenda or targets
  • Ensured timely and pleasant rides
  • Benefits for the passengers.
  • Decreased cost of the trip
  • Assured comfortable and relaxed rides
  • Benefits for the surroundings and environment
  • A comfortable option instead of using public transportation
  • Decreases the ejection of greenhouse gases
  • Prevents traffic gridlock


How does Coruscate’s carpooling clone app works?

Before jumping into the ridesharing business, you might wish to know what your carpooling app will look like and how will it function? At Coruscate, you can get amazing demos that can give you a survey of the app with a sturdy admin dashboard and several interesting features.

Why Choose a Carpooling Clone?

Building a carpooling app with us can prove to be the best choice as we are not just a mobile app development company. But we are also your technology partner who can provide a myriad of solutions ranging from a highly scalable design to advanced features like surge pricing and multiple payment options.

We provide you solutions that are easily acceptable by the users and are according to the regulation policies of the App Store and Play Store. Our products can be built and stationed immediately.

More Advantages of the carpooling app

» The advantage in cost-saving
The carpooling app helps you in saving a lot of time and money. Also using the carpooling app makes you competitive and increases the number of your customers by making yourself accessible.

» Authorized Admin
Using the carpooling app gives you complete control over all the features present on the platform. You get to keep tabs on the drivers and payments right on the dashboard allowing you to achieve more.

» Scalable Design
The carpooling app that we develop is kept ready for future development. There is always a scope for upgrades and improvements so that your app is always kept ready for the users with the latest features. This helps you in the long-term growth of your business.

» Interactive Dashboard
A pre-eminent admin dashboard in the carpooling app is designed to allow you to keep a check on your services, drivers and payments. You can also help your passengers with their queries. This interactive dashboard can help you manage your brand and services better.

» Robust Platform
The ridesharing app is able to process a large volume of transactions every day. The platform is designed sturdy enough to handle the activities performed on the app with great speed and accuracy.

» Integrated Payments
The platform is outfitted with modern and convenient payment options that range from cash and credit/debit cards to digital wallets and cryptocurrency.

» Technical Support
Even after your app is deployed, our support team is always there to help you out and offer you after-sales services that help keep your application updated and efficient.

» Advanced Features
In the carpooling app, there is a scope of integrating additional features such as surge prices, changes in the travel plan or payment option in the middle of the journey, etc.

Which Technologies we use in the carpooling clone app

We can help you with developing dynamic apps for your ride-sharing investment with a technologically exceptional carpooling clone app. Our teams of proficient developers are well-versed with the latest technologies. All our developers are experienced in several programming languages and are experts in their own development skills. They can escort you throughout the whole process of development and assure that you have the best ride-sharing app in the carpooling market. We can also help you in integrating IoT and AI technologies in your carpooling app development.

Carpooling can become the future of the transportation industry. Carpooling is considered as a new disruptive and revolutionary phase in the transportation industry.

It is widely regarded as the most efficient and innovative way to reach transportation services by the people who have launched the sharing economy. Many non-profit organizations implement car-sharing services all over the world for diminishing greenhouse gases. Thus, they are helping the environment. Let alone the non-profit organizations, there are many commercial car-sharing providers that are taking a step forward in saving the environment. So, get ready with your carpooling clone app to spread your wing in the ridesharing business. Connect with us to know more about the carpooling app development.

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