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Taxi app development : Build taxi booking app like Hype which has exceeded Uber and Grab in Philippines

The online taxi booking market is witnessing a snowball effect. Currently, so many online taxi booking service provider companies are in the market. Looking at the neck-to-neck competition, it is very obvious that starting a new taxi booking service holds the greatest risk. In the presence of a few already established taxi booking companies, it is not simple as ABC for the new online taxi service provider to dominate the market. However, some small companies dare to engulf other established companies with the help of precisely designed and developed taxi booking app and with competitive analysis.

A Philippine-based online taxi booking service company named Hype offers more features than Uber and Grab and becomes the top taxi booking service in the Philippines.

In this blog, we have studied how a small ride-hailing company Hype surpassed Grab and Uber. We will also understand how to be successful in the market where your competitors are already performing well.

The rise and fall of Philippine’s online taxi booking market

There was a time when Uber was expanding its business like crazy. Uber was satisfying its ambition to be available in all countries of the world. By making its services accessible for the people of Philippine (Filipino), Uber came one step closure to be a worldwide company. But soon, The Land Transportation Franchising And Regulatory Board (LTFRB) ordered Uber to ban its service. They quoted that Uber is breaching the rules and regulations of the government and illegally increasing the fare prices while not providing safety. Uber’s policy to let anyone be the driver was another reason behind that controversial decision of LTFRB.

When Uber was banned in Philippine, its biggest rival Grab raised the fare prices to take the advantages of the situation. Grab raised its rate by 20-30%. But it was the bad move by the Grab. Filipino stopped using the services of the Grab due to higher fare prices. They were hoping to get an affordable ride-hailing solution.

Looking at the situation of the market, an entrepreneur started an all-Filipino online taxi booking platform named Hype which is providing safe and affordable rides. Founder of Hype has learned so many lessons from the reasons of Uber’s failure. He applied that learning against Grab to dominate the market. Moreover, they only allowed Filipinos to work with Hype to win the trust of users. With these strategies, they started getting more users than their rival, Grab. But the main reason behind Hype’s impressive success is the features they are providing in the app.

In the next section, we will look at the top features of the Hype app which helps it to be one of the most successful online taxi booking apps in the Philippines. With these same features, Hype has surpassed the popularity of Uber and Grab in Philippines.

A few game-changing features of Hype which you can use to develop a taxi booking app like Hype to conquer the market

» Promise a friendly rate

Hype is charging a very affordable price. Riders also don’t need to pay for the waiting time. Additionally, Hype is following the rules and regulations of the local authorities related to the surge prices.

Like Hype, offer affordable pricing for the rides. To keep your taxi booking service provider company running even if your fare price is low, try to cut down the internal expenses and develop an efficient business model.

» It should not a hoax

Uber failed in Philippines because they didn’t follow the government rules and regulations related to ride-sharing. Like all other businesses, it is the critical requirement for your online taxi booking company to be government approved company.

Hype is the government approved company which follows all rules and regulations of the government.

» Rider’s safety

Safety is always the number one priority. To make the ride safer, Hype has added SOS feature in the app. By clicking that button, riders can ask help from the police and from the customer service executives of the Hype in a very painless manner.

» Don’t take the drivers for granted

Drivers are the one who communicates with the users of your business. So, always look after the satisfaction of the drivers.

Unlike Uber, Hype allows drivers to know the destination of the rider before accepting the request.

» More efficient post-cancellation process

When a rider cancels the trip after the driver has been assigned to him, Hype charges him a little. But Hype splits that cancellation fee between rider and driver. The cancellation fee will not go to Hype.

You as an online taxi booking service provider ask any taxi booking app development company to write and implement a more efficient algorithm for handling the cancellation of the rides.

Multiple ways to book the ride

SMS booking is one of the best features of the Hype. When a rider has no access to the internet, by just sending an SMS, he can book the ride.

Multiple ways to book the ride

These are all missing features in the top taxi booking apps. Hype has taken the advantages of it and by promoting how they are providing safer and affordable services than Uber and Grab, they generate more user base than any other taxi booking app in the Philippines.

Hype is the inspiration for those entrepreneurs who want to start an online taxi booking business but petrifying to step in the competitive market.

In the next section of the blog, we will discuss how competitive analysis makes you the monarch of the online taxi booking market.

How competitive analysis helps to be successful in the market where other taxi booking apps are already performing well?

It is not a case that only a single company can rule the whole market. A smaller and newer company can also surpass the popularity of deep-rooted company if they can find the areas of improvement of a popular company. Areas of improvement give you very important insight into what are the missing features in the app of your competitors. Hype followed the same strategy. They discovered the areas of improvement of Uber and Grab and brought that missing features in their own app.

Finding areas of improvement of competitors can be summarized in three steps.

  • The first and most important step is to know which are the top competitors of your online taxi booking service. Make a list of top 5 competitors.
  • Analyze and compare their services of taxi booking apps with each other. You can read their blogs, case studies, social media post, press release, and FAQs to know more about their services. After analyzing and comparing, you will be familiar with their business processes, stakeholders, revenue streams, resources, cost structure, and app features.
  • In the last step, sum up all point you have made in the first two steps, and find which are the top business processes and services of their business which can be improved.

Coruscate Solutions has already uncovered the areas of improvement of top ride-hailing companies. We always perform the detailed market research and understand the need of users before starting designing and development of the taxi app. We believe that an innovative startup deserves more business possibilities than old-fashioned yet profitable companies. Our qualified team can add a few groundbreaking features in your taxi booking app to make your app popular like Hype. To know the cost of developing a taxi booking app and common features, visit our taxi app development page. We are also providing a free consultation session. So, feel free to contact us.

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