E-scooter rental company Bird takes its scooter rental business to the next level by renting the scooters on a monthly basis

E-scooter rental company Bird takes its scooter rental business to the next level by renting the scooters on a monthly basis + How to Make an App Like Bird + Create an App like Bird + Apps Like Bird + Develop Alternative of Bird

The Santa Monica-based electric scooter startup which has raised $415 million in venture capital to date. It has taken another step to expand its scooter rental business by starting a monthly rental program that will complement its existing on-demand service.

They have charged a flat-rate fee of $24.99 to let the customers rent these e-scooters for a month. This rate amounts the charge to about one dollar a day. The customers get an unlimited ride on a personal scooter once they rent it for a month.

The scooter rental plan for Bird will first roll out in San Francisco and Barcelona. They are planning to take the plan to other cities this Spring. The company’s rental model already has a waitlist in which the interested people can enroll their names.

The e-scooter rental model works in the following manner:

  • The user enters the relevant information such as the location and the time when they want their e-scooter delivered.
  • Once they place the order, they get a follow up from a representative to confirm.
  • The representative arranges a scooter, charger and a lock to be delivered to the user.
  • Similarly, after the rental period is over, a representative will come and pick up the vehicle and the accessories.

Like Grover, Bird is now encouraging the bike rentals. Renting the e-scooters is much more equitable option than any other means of transportation.

Using the Bird e-scooter on daily basis used to cost $1 to unlock and 15 cents per minute. But the rental model will cost approximately $1 dollar per day for unlimited rides. This model of Bird will be much affordable for the commuters having average to low income and who spend a lot of amount on daily transportation.

E-scooter rental for monthly basis provides greater access to a sustainable form of transportation which is much more dependable than any other mode of transportation. At the same time, it is eco-friendly. So, it can be convenient, pocket-friendly for you and safe for the environment as well. However, according to Venture Beat, it is notable that Bird is attempting to avoid some restrictions on electric scooter usage.

The electric scooter rental company was founded in 2017 and has many competitors. But its chief rival is e-scooter startup Lime which has raised more than $765 million till now. There are many other rival e-scooter companies which have raised a huge funding amount like Spin, Jump bikes, Dott, Voi, etc.

There are no second thoughts about Bird being better-funded than many of its competitors. It is operating across dozens of markets in the US which includes Santa Monica, Austin, Baltimore, Dallas, Detroit, San Diego, Washington, D.C., and Paris. Bird has also custom-designed its e-scooters and use their own infrastructure to run the shared electric scooter rentals.

E-scooters from a security perspective

Just entering and earning through the electric scooter business is not important if you wish to stay in the e-scooter sharing industry for a longer time. There have been many cases where people are getting injured while riding electric scooters. People have even observed exploding dockless shareable two-wheelers in the past few years. However, the broken bones and head injuries are a great cause of concern for the government and also it is bad for the reputation of the electric scooter rental companies.

A study conducted by the Public Health and Transportation departments in Austin stated that a total of 271 people had experienced electric-scooter related injuries from September to November 2018.

According to an article on The Verge, there were a total 182,333 hours of e-scooter use during the study period. 891,121 miles rides were completed on e-scooters and there have been around 936,110 trips. The research team came out with the results that there were 20 individuals injured per 100000 e-scooter trips in the period of three-month. Out of the injured riders, half of the riders had head injuries. 15% of the people had traumatic brain injuries which could have been prevented if the people had worn helmets. Only 190 riders were wearing a helmet out of those who were riding the electric scooters.

The study concludes that the injuries could have been prevented. The use of a helmet can bring down the rate of head injuries in the event of a scooter crash.

Since the dockless electric scooters and bikes are becoming a common phenomenon in a lot of cities, many startups are investing money in the industry. The ride-hailing giants like Uber and Lyft are trying to bring down the traffic congestion by switching to e-scooters for shorter rides. Another study states that around 38.5 million trips were taken on electric scooters all around the US in the year 2018.

Not only the dockless scooters are posing safety problems but also there have been complaints about the ignorance of regulatory measures. Many of the scooter companies opt for asking for forgiveness rather than asking for permission from the city officials. This is leading to struggle for many of the electric scooter rental companies as they are being banned from the cities and are suffering huge losses in the business.

Strategy to avoid such bans and losses includes bringing awareness among your riders for their own safety while riding the electric scooters. Another thing that you can do is to work in collaboration with the city officials instead of working without their permission and facing the wrath.

To increase your profits, you can also launch an electric scooter rental or subscription model for your riders and offer some exciting prices and offers to keep them interested. Developing an e-scooter app to reach your audience can be helpful for your business.

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Here is the cost chart of an e-scooter app with basic features:

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