Want to Launch you own E-Scooter Sharing App Like TIER? Know Cost, Features and Hours Estimation

E-scooter sharing app development: there is no looking back in 2019 with the rise of TIER Scooter Sharing

Scooters do face some challenges but surely they are not even close to creating the problems that the cars have created. The biggest push factor for the growth is the ferocious growth of the on-demand economy and the extremely congested cities and the harmful effect of pollution on the environment. These tiny dockless pieces do not release any harmful gases and so the e-scooter sharing app has an advantage over the taxi and bike sharing as they are cheaper for the short trips.

Want to Develop E Scooter sharing app like TIER?

Know about TIER Scooter sharing

A new name trending in the competition of E-scooters is TIER- scooter sharing app. It is a Berlin-based electric scooter startup and started with the scooter renting business in the year 2018. TIER launched its first scooter hire in Vienna by dropping 250 scooters on the streets.

The scooter sharing startup is growing with all its might and there is absolutely no turning back. The company provides e-scooters that can be rented for the last mile transportation in cities. This new form of mobility feels an independent, funny and conscious way of traveling in the cities. Like every other electric scooter sharing app, the goal of TIER is to fight the current circumstances of polluted cities, smog and ineffective transportation along with their users.

The TIER mobility e-scooter app has been highly popular in the Nordic regions and has seen the highest number of downloads in these countries. There are more than 10 million users associated with this app in a matter of just a few months.

TIER scooter sharing believes in following their instincts to make way and move freely. They aim to remove the obstacles and hindrances coming in the way while moving around the city. Their vision is to make space for the actual inhabitants of the city- the humans instead of cars, truck and other heavy vehicles.

Here are the top ranking apps in the Nordic countries – Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden where the TIER scooter sharing ranks in the first three apps in the app store in all the four countries.

The TIER app has been ranked 392 in the travel category last week in the US. Here is a graph from App Annie that depicts the same.

How has TIER scooter sharing app benefited the cities?

Funding of TIER

The electric scooter hire startup had two of its funding rounds till now. According to CrunchBase, they have raised $25 million total funding amount. It has 3 investors – NorthZone, Point Nine Capital and Speedinvest. According to a report in Forbes, this is the largest financial backing for this kind of European company.

Presence of TIER

The TIER electric scooters have expanded to most of the regions in Europe. Some of the cities where you can find the e-scooters are:

Basel, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dubai, Göteborg, Helsinki, Linz, Lisbon, Lund, Lyon, Madrid, Malaga, Malmö, Marseille, Oslo, Palma de Mallorca, Paris, San Cugat, Stockholm and Vienna.They are all set to soon run on the streets of Germany.

The app is available in 7 languages namely English, Deutsch, Portugues, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, and Soumi.

How does TIER mobility work?

TIER mobility works in 6 simple steps:

  • Download the app and signup
  • Scan or tap to unlock the e-scooter
  • Place one foot on the board and use the other one to push and pick up speed.
  • Use the right lever to accelerate and left lever or foot brake to slow down.
  • Do not go beyond the city speed limit, wear a helmet for safety and keep the traffic signals in mind.
  • Tap end ride and park in the parking zone.

How has TIER scooter sharing app benefited the cities?

TIER aims to get you the feeling of hassle-free transportation in the cities. TIER also brings more inspiration, diversity, and opportunities to the cities. TIER scooter sharing company tries to get to know the city via communication as a pre-requisite for launching. They stress on collaboration with public transport to develop and improve the mobility concepts.

The TIER electric scooters partner with the local logistic vendors to guarantee high-quality service to the users and also increasing the business opportunities for the local people.

The data sharing programs provide insights into the traffic data of the city which helps you to make logical and data-driven decisions.

Future scope in the E-scooter sharing industry

The five-month-old startup is being backed up as the people are convinced that with the bike sharing, Europe is a market to win as the streets are meant for bicycles. Also, the US is going to be a big market for electric scooter rentals and looking at the current scenario, the Nordic countries are moving towards this new mode of transportation and accepting e-scooter as a new mode of their daily commute.

So, we can safely say that the e-scooter market, though it is slow it is growing. There is no looking back for the startups that have stepped into this industry. And the industry has open arms to welcome some new wheels moving on the roads.

If you are a startup wanting to enter the scooter sharing world this is the opportunity for you to gear up and land your little monsters on the streets as soon as possible. The only thing that you need to survive the competition is a really good app to attract users.

With so many electric scooter sharing apps around, you need a unique app with an amazing user interface to give your users an unforgettable scooter ride experience.

We have hands-on experience in building out of the world e-scooter sharing apps. We have entertained more than 10000 queries regarding the e-scooter sharing app development and have built many successful apps for our happy clients. Our research team keeps coming up with new ideas regarding peculiar features to make the e-scooter app stand out in the competition for each of our clients. Our developers are experts in building an e-scooter app than any other company.

Cost of Developing E-Scooter app with Coruscate

Escooter app cost

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