List of Top 10 Mobile App Development Tools Every App Developer Should Know

The cost of mobile app development is the only thing that prohibits most people or businesses from getting a mobile app. The cost includes the cost of the development company, choice of the technology stack and also the entire development plan.

If you want to avoid the complication, and want to get started with a mobile app for your business by yourself, we have the right tools curated specifically for your different needs. These tools can allow you to launch a successful mobile app.

The tools we will discuss here are all open source and should be able to fulfill your needs.

1.  AppGyver


This tool, AppGyver Composer 2.0, is both a web builder as well as a hosting service for both iOS and Android. The tool is based on Supersonic UI framework, and using this tool you can easily design native-like UI elements such as page transitions, navigation bars, tab bars, drawers etc.

You can use the readily available templates or, develop the mobile app design using the modules and components available with this tool.

To publish the app, you simply need to deploy it to the cloud. You can always choose the private cloud available for the enterprises.

You can test the app for all types of devices, and preview your designs with this tool. It is a premium tool, available with various plans.

2.  Appy Pie


When you want to develop a completely functional and highly featured app, then you need a tool that will have a wide array of basic as well as advanced features. The documentation allows you to learn and design a basic to advanced app with ease. From regular video tutorials to well-documented tips, you will be able to deliver aesthetic app solutions with clean code.

The tool allows you to deliver app solutions to more than 100,000 business owners. The app has been used by several realtors and restaurants as well as for radio and broadcasting app solutions.

3. PhoneGap


If you are planning on delivering hybrid app solutions for your business, this open source technology will allow you to clean code your solutions. It uses a combination of CSS, HTML and JavaScript to benefit the developers and streamline the coding process. The technology bridges the gap that exists between web apps and mobile solutions. The technology is compliant with the standards defined. The apps developed with PhoneGap are downloaded successfully.

4.  Salesforce Lightning


If you are a Salesforce developer, this tool will be highly useful to you. With this tool, you can build efficient mobile app solutions and base it on the Salesforce site.

You can build compact layouts and incorporate both global and field-specific actions for the Salesforce mobile app. Advanced mobile apps allow you to access the Salesforce data and incorporate it into your mobile solutions. The components as well as the design options allow you to create design specific enterprise solutions for the mobiles, tablets and other gadgets.

The cost of the tool is $25 per month.

5.  Microsoft Power Apps


Microsoft has released the perfect app that will make your life as a developer easy, and help you launch enterprise apps with ease. You can build apps for SharePoint Online as well as Dynamics 365 Data with the help of the tool.

There are two main approaches towards app design and development when you are working with this tool. Analyzing the available data, the tool allows you to create model-driven apps with the help of common data. For this model, you can even customize the solutions. There are the other types of apps that you can develop with Microsoft tool, known as the Canvas apps. You can design interaction with the help of the drag and drop tools.

6.  MyAppBuilder


If you have a mobile app project with you, it comes with managing the project, actual design and development and other factors. MyAppBuilder is your best friend and even becomes your team in this case. It will ensure that all aspects of development are considered and planned for. You can build apps for iOS, Android and other operating systems with the help of this tool. It allows you to accelerate your go-to-market time.

7.  Ionic

It is HTML5 based tool that will allow you to develop hybrid mobile apps with ease. You can use the technologies such as CSS, HTML5 and SASS to deliver the mobile app projects on time.

The apps you build using this tool are highly interactive and aesthetic. You can use the components available with the huge inbuilt JavaScript and CSS library available with this tool.

8.  Alpha Anywhere


This is a database-oriented tool, which allows you to accelerate your mobile app development. You can create native, web as well as hybrid app solutions with this tool. You can create client and backend elements parallel to each other with this tool. The tool comes with its own database engine and has drivers for all the backend managers including SQL Server, Access, Excel, MySQL etc.

The tool extends support for the offline HTML5 mobile apps also. The dev-only environment for this tool costs $995 per year.

9.  Kony App Platform


This is a renowned tool used for mobile app development and has been a part of some of the top mobile solutions. With a single IDE, you can develop native, hybrid as well as web app solutions. The in-built library known as Kony Visualizer allows you to import designs from Photoshop and use it within the app. You can easily drag and drop the various component available with the app, and reuse the existing app components with ease.

The Microservices model allows you to sync the backend and ensure complete security for the apps. Based on your needs, and the available budget, you can choose between the free and premium version of the tool.

10.  Zoho Creator


Zoho has earned both trust and fame with its CRM solution. That’s precisely why it is easier for you to trust its app development tool. You can develop custom web solutions with the help of this tool. There are more than 50 templates available with this tool, and you just need to drag and drop the components to develop your app. You can integrate your app with enterprise solutions like Quickbooks, Twillio etc. to improve efficiency and productivity.

Summing up


Developing a mobile app can be quite easy with the help of these app development tools. The most difficult and essential part is keeping up with the trends and updating it to meet the latest market requirements.

Coruscate understands the difficulties posed by companies and offers best-in-class app solutions to improve efficiency and productivity. We partner with startups and enterprises to deliver solutions that improve their capabilities and accelerate their time-to-market.

If you are looking for an ace technology partner, we’d be happy to connect with you via email or phone.

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