Why Boosted Rev could be a better option for your e-scooter business fleet and a great companion to your e-scooter app

Why Boosted Rev could be a better option for your e-scooter business fleet and a great companion to your e-scooter app?

The startup named Boosted started its business with the electric skateboards. It has now officially taken its first step in the electric scooter business. They have recently launched Boosted Rev.

Confused about choosing a manufacturer for your e-scooter start-up? What would be its investment and ROI ratio? Know why Boosted rev is the best choice for your e scooter business.

The Boosted Rev is running around the streets of San Francisco with its fast, durable and fun to ride. It is quite heavy. It weighs around 46 pounds. While choosing a durable e-scooter model for your e-scooter business, Rev can be a good option. Even it weighs too much, according to the CEO, Russakow even it has the capacity of providing six times the power and years and years of durability. The Boosted Rev is proficient of being locked to a bike rack. There are even bolt cutters that help.

How much does it cost?

Boosted Rev costs $1,599 with all its features. The all-wheel drive, dual-wheel motors (1500 watts each), is capable of traveling up to 24 mph with a range of 22 miles. The e-scooter can climb and descend 25% grade hills. Rev is created to handle thousands of miles every year for numerous years. The dual motors make it easier for the e-scooter to pull up the hills. The hills could be climbed at a speed of 19 mph.

The Rev e-scooter has its three modes that individually max out at 12, 18 and 24 mph. Rev highlights wide air-filled tires to help with shock absorption and traction. This feature is not available with many other e-scooters in the market. The Rev scooter also has three different break mechanism. It has the hand brake, electric brake, and foot brake also. The electric brake works well enough so that there is no need to use any other brakes. But there are also hand brake for a safer side.

The standing e-scooters look more like a toy or a leisurely product. It is not easy and safe to ride such e-scooters with real streets and potholes with a great truck running on the same road. So, the Boosted Rev has been designed in such a way that it looks like an original electric vehicle. The frame, the range, type of wheels, throttle and the amount of power is kept in mind and designed in a manner that makes it completely durable.

It becomes a mechanically, electrically, environmentally much better option for your electric scooter business fleet.

It is more like a car or a motorcycle when compared to its vehicle quality. The e-scooter that is made is desirable for all. It can climb hills, it can survive in all weather conditions and needs a very little maintenance. It can run for tens of thousands of miles a year with all of these qualities.

There are many e-scooters out there from the likes of Bird, Lime, Skip, Scoot, and others are not in the same space as Boosted. You can feel the difference between other e-scooters and Rev when you just step on it.
The Rev appears sturdy, manages bumps in the road well and makes it easier for the rider to keep up with cars.

Now, you must be imagining what is so unique about Boosted’s scooter? Well, the answer is, it is its thumb wheel for accelerating and decelerating. The e-scooter is designed in such a way that while riding, the rider is able to do everything you need to do with one hand. So, when the rider needs to signal, they can just use their left hand without any need to worry about giving up braking for signaling.

There are two main signs that make one get down to the weight of the e-scooter and the safety part. Any micro mobility vehicle needs to be checked for the safety of the riders on busy city streets and the fear of a car or truck mowing the riders down. This is not the case with Boosted Rev as the scooter goes really fast. There is less possibility of getting under any other vehicles due to the durability and speed of this e-scooter.

Here is a video showing live how the Boosted Rev works. Check it out:

Video Source : Boosted Boards

Like any other e-scooter, even Rev has some cons. It would be negligent of us if we do not share the technical issues related to the e-scooter-Rev. The scooter needs to be rebooted or folded and unfolded to accelerate it. But the startup is working to get better productions.

Apart from Rev, you can also buy your e-scooter business fleet from the reputed companies like NinebotXiaomiUnagiJetson and many others. Also, Bird has recently started selling its e-scooters that it has produced for the scooter sharing business.

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There is a different and huge market for the manufacturers of e-scooters and you need to dig down each one with their pros and cons to choose the best fleet for your business.

E-scooters are becoming a great option for commute day by day with the improvement in their hardware. People are moving towards saving environment and e-scooters can take them one step closer to their motive. Also, these tiny vehicles are pocket-friendly and people can even make some more savings by using them. And this can be a better opportunity for you to enter the fast-growing e-scooter sharing market with your sharpened claws- that is nothing but developing an e-scooter app with Coruscate as your technology partner.

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