Apple Launched App Development Program Called “Apple Entrepreneur Camp” To Empower Female Entrepreneurs

When it comes to app development, apples ecosystem has never disappointed its customers for anything and as per the latest news, Apple Entrepreneur Camp has developed an app only for women to trigger them in the app development and to enlighten their tech skills.

It will render the resources, networking and mentoring opportunities to women founders in the app world which will encourage the pipeline and permanency of women in technology.

What is Apple Entrepreneur Camp?

Apps should be developed for everyone. A few days back, Apple announced the launch of its first-of-its-kind initiative which is an all-new Entrepreneur Camp designed to create and render new opportunities for the app-driven companies owned or led by women only. The app’s pilot session will commence in January 2019.

The primary motive of Apple behind such Apps Development is to help and to encourage the female entrepreneurs and workers in the tech sector so that they can get a good hold over their leadership.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO said that “We’re proud to help cultivate female leadership in the app development community with the new Apple Entrepreneur Camp, and we’re inspired both by the incredible work that’s already happening, and what’s sure to come.”

Moreover, for one to be eligible for this Apple Entrepreneur Camp’s first conference in January 2019, app-driven corporate with either a working app or a prototype needs to have female as the founder, co-founder or one of the woman employees in the development team of the business.

Brenda Darden Wilkerson, President and CEO of AnitaB.Org, feels that women are not encouraged in terms of tech by their male colleagues and therefore they ultimately leave the technology field. She also commented that women can rub their shoulders with men in the field of technology if given a chance.

This is certainly true because according to a recent survey it was well-observed that proportion of women leaving the technology field is almost 40% higher as compared to men.

Also, women in tech are under-paid in comparison to men. And this is what Apple entrepreneur camp is all about; it will help the women to excel in the technology field and will surely shine as the new technology creators.

As per the latest updates, the sessions of Apple Entrepreneur Camp will be held once a quarter encompassing members from 20 companies. But the pilot session will include 10 companies only as Apple upgrades up the program. Even if aspirants don’t get into the first round, their applications kept will be on file for a year. Once accepted by Apple, each corporate can send three attendees to Cupertino, California for a two-week immersive program at Apple’s campus.

In case the woman is the part of the development team, then the organization must be on the team of three including the founder and with a third member of any gender.

Each session will last for two weeks; the teams will receive the insights and guidance from the top members and leaders of Apple ecosystem and App Store marketing. Apart from this, one-on-one coding guidance will also be rendered by the experts from Apple. Myriad of topics will be discussed related to augmented reality, machine learning and other technology.

In addition to coding sessions, female attendees will get a chance to attend the classes based on App store working and marketing and design. After all this, attendees will present their progress, obtain feedback, and chat with some of Apple’s senior women leaders.

Well, the Apple entrepreneur camp has lot many perks including a free one-year membership to the Apple Developer Program, which will give users the chance to submit apps to the Apple store along with the right to use beta software. Not only this, but one can also get ongoing support from an Apple Developer demonstratives. The most stimulating perk is the assurance of tickets to the next Worldwide Developers Conference.

Probing further, one can enjoy the Exceptional Community of world-class senior leaders and advocates who will help you in creating your business and personal links. Not only this, but one can also be a part of the Apple Entrepreneur Camp Alumni Forum for sharing ideas, posting queries and so forth.

You can get Rest of the details, eligibility requirements and the information about this female-centric program on Apple’s website.


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