Android Instant Apps: How These New Apps are Bringing Revolution In the Mobile World?

The average mobile app download for the year 2017 was 178.1 Bn. Despite this huge number backing your downloads, there are some difficulties that app pose to the user. What is the main difficulty you face, as the user of the app, when downloading and installing a mobile app to your phone? The size of the app is the main concern that you have, even when you have a lot of space in your mobile phone.

This concern arises from the fact that despite having space, these apps can slow down your mobile due to their size, and the amount of phone capacity they tend to use. Eventually, you have less space for other apps and with every app, the phone tends to grow slower and frustrating.

  • What if you did not have to store the apps on your mobile?
  • What if you could easily use the apps when needed, and save the space despite the app being installed to the phone?

Android instant apps aim to provide you that ease of using the phone.

What is Android Instant Apps?


Imagine, when you download just too many apps, all useful ones, to your phone. The first thing that you face is “no memory space”, which is very common among all the end users. There is just an endless number of apps available in the market.

There is an app for everything is the past; today, there are just too many choices for a single app requirement. You tend to download more than one app for the same purpose. Many times you tend to uninstall an app that was essential to make space for another that is more important.

How do you manage to have so many apps in the phone?

When Android saw this problem and noticed that it is growing by leaps and bounds, they decided to do something about it. They decided to release an instant app solution, which requires no installation and can work from anywhere in the world.

With the native app solutions available till now, you need to download the app before you can start using them. Android instant apps are an extension of the regular apps. They come with tools that allow you to modularize the app and load only the portion that seems useful to you.

It works in a very simple way. The android app developer tends to partition their apps into small runnable parts and come with a “try now” feature, which is added to the app store.

You can easily use the trial version, stop from installing the app, and save a lot of space on your mobile. You can even check what the user experience is like with the mobile app.

The Advantages of Installing Android Instant Apps


There are some features that intend to increase your user experience of a mobile app and there is just no way you can avoid using them. here we will discuss the pros associated with android instant apps.

You don’t need to install them to your mobile phone in order to use them. This is the first advantage of using these apps. So, basically, you can use the apps instantly, and at the moment.

You can use a trial version to know whether the app should be installed completely or not. This works best for people with limited storage space or, those who don’t want to install every app to their phone.

Instant Apps Simply Means Easier User Acquisition

When it comes to user experience, you get a native-like experience with the Android instant apps. The user experience has not been compromised upon with these app solutions.

The instant apps have been designed to suit all the current needs posed by your operating system. You get the apps in line with the new OS version that your phone contains.

The android instant apps are pretty easy to upgrade, and with fewer efforts, you can improve the application’s features and upgrade it to the new version.

With the android instant apps, you get deep links, which easily divert the users to the mobile app, instead of the mobile website. This means, your app usage directly increases with the instant apps available on the play store.

In fact, you can direct the users to the page in the app they have been planning to visit. The downloading, installing and using of the application is quick and easy.

The instant android apps reduce the install friction, which means you get to increase your conversions with the app installation. The friction arises with the number of clicks the user has to place to get to the right page of the app. With the instant apps, the number of clicks are reduced, visibility is increased, and the usage is higher.

When you begin using the Android instant apps or getting users onboard you tend to gain the following benefits:

  • The obvious rise in the ROI is an effect that is caused by the addition of instant apps for the mobile application on the Google play store. The users get converted easily, and you tend to get more conversions with each conversion.
  • The users can go through the app, and visit every space with minimum clicks. Searching for the app parts that concern them is easier with instant apps.

Summing up

These instant android apps are currently available only for Android operating system. You don’t have the instant apps for any other operating system including iOS. So, the end users of the applications who have a different operating system still tend to face the issue.

If you want to get instant android apps developed for the business app you are proposing or, want to deliver a seamless experience for your mobile app idea, connect with us for android app development process and a free quote.

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