Airbnb for Storage App How Users Can Benefit from This Disruptive Idea

Airbnb for Storage App: How Users Can Get Benefit from This Disruptive Idea? + How to Make an App Like Airbnb + Create an App like Airbnb + Apps Like Airbnb + Develop Alternative of Airbnb

There is always a need for extra storage space. However, what is difficult is finding that appropriate space that can fit in your stuff.

How about people who have an extra storage space with no need for it, rent out that space to people who are in dire need for space?

Airbnb for Storage app was built along these lines. Let’s take a quick look at what the app does, and how it works.

The app aims to connect homeowners with a little extra storage space with people who need that extra space to keep their items. The app will allow these homeowners to advertise the space that they have and put it up with the pictures so that the people who want to hire have a good idea about it.

It works along the on-demand lines, just that the space is temporarily available, and you will need to book it for a particular period of time.

Why do you need such an app? 


Let’s say you have just moved from another city, and have a lot of stuff with you. You need to make a temporary arrangement for your things, before you have a place of your own. In case, you are shifting out, and you need to empty the stuff and take them back with you. the temporary storage can help you manage your things till you have finally moved out of the city. 

When you are renovating a space, there is a need to move out some of the items, and make space for the renovators to work. Where will you store all these items? The Airbnb storage solution comes to your aid in such cases. 

It can also help you in case you have a lot of things, and the available storage spaces are expensive, and you need some place where you can simply keep your things till next use. 

There is a growing need for temporary as well as permanent storage spaces, and Airbnb for storage is just the thing you need. 

A total of 8.96% of the U.S. households rent a self-storage unit.

The self storage market is currently valued at $37.33Bn and is expected to reach $49.24Bn by 2024.

The growing need for storage facilities and the higher rents combined with the unavailability of the required facility has led to the need for a marketplace where space owners can connect with those in need of the space.

When you are planning an Airbnb for storage app, here are a few features you should include in the app solution.

Must-have app features for AirBNB for Storage app or On Demand Storage App


  • Create a Profile: The app should allow new users to create their profile and register. The app can allow social sign-in, in case they want to use their social media accounts to sign up for the particular app
  • Space Listing: The user should be able to list the space they want to rent with ease. It is important for the user to add details such as the space, the details, rent amount, their address and other necessary details when listing the space
  • Advanced Search: The users should be able to search for the listing of their choice based on a number of factors. Add a search functionality that allows the users to search based on the rent amount, the location of the space, the space size etc.
  • In-app Support: A lot of times your users will have questions regarding the space. You should allow the owners and the rental prospects to chat and discuss all that they want about the space. By providing in-app chat, you will make sure that neither party has to share the number, and can provide complete security
  • Pick-up/drop-off: A user should be able to choose the pickup and drop-off service from Airbnb clone app. With this feature, the things that need to reach the storage space will be pickedup and dropped off by the company. This will increase the convenience offered by the business, and improve your conversions
  • In-app Payments: You simply cannot miss out on this feature. The app should allow users to pay using the mode of their choice. You should include all possible modes for ease of payments

App Solutions to Offer

When you are defining a mobile app solution for storage needs, then there are a few things you need to consider.

  • The solution should cover the pain points described by the customer. It is important to conduct thorough research of the market, and understand what difficulties the user faces when trying to find a storage space for themselves. You should also identify the growing need for storage space, and why the current apps are not able to fulfil the needs defined. Once you have identified the gaps and the customer pain points, planning the solution becomes easy
  • When you plan to create Airbnb for storage, you need to ensure complete security into your solution. the solution should make sure that everything from the talks to the payments are moving through secure gateways. Apart from the in-app security, you should also ensure that you have tightened the security around the movement of the goods. When you offer safe and secure service, chances of converting the customers and retaining them increase. 


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How to make money from Airbnb for storage app? (Hopskipdrive Clone App or Neighbor Clone App


Once you have planned the solutions and created the basic app plan including the features, it is time to understand how you can make money from the model app.

  • The Airbnb clone will work on the Airbnb model. This means you will charge a certain service fee from both the parties. The people who are renting their spaces will be charged a certain amount while, those who are planning to rent the space will pay the percentage fee, based on the space they have hired.
  • Another workable money-making model for the clone app would be advertisements. You can make money from the in-app adds that you will display. The advertisers will pay a certain amount to run their ads on your space.

The Airbnb model is a win-win for both the parties involved. The renters can get a defined space for all their things at an affordable price. They won’t need to indulge in costly spaces. On the other hand, those who are renting out their spaces can get money for the spaces they are not using. Instead of letting it gather dust, space can fetch them some money. 

Summing Up

If you want to create Airbnb for Storage, then you need to first think through the ideal solution for your end-users. Define the target market, research the defined market, and identify the gaps that exist. Once you have made your way through this portion, you will need to identify solutions that will resonate with the needs of the market.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Plan everything for the Airbnb for storage Neighbor clone app or Hopskipdrive clone app, and make sure you have added features that you believe are truly important. Once you have planned the basic features, you can add a few advanced features depending on the needs of the market, and how you have defined the app.

It is important that you solve real problems with your Airbnb storage solution.

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