Photo Scanning app Development : How AI Powered Photo Scanning App Photomyne raised $5Mn?


The time has come to digitize everything that you owned, from documents to the precious photographs. App developers seem to have understood the growing need. Photomyne is a by-product of this growing need and evolving nature of technology.

Photomyne is an AI-powered mobile app that allows you to convert your physical media into digital. A DIY scanning solution that allows you to click photos of the physical pictures, and convert them into their digital counterparts. The photos are stored in the cloud database, ensuring quick access to your albums. Storing the photos has become easy and convenient as a result.

How does Photomyne app work?


It is an Android and iOS based application, which allows you to scan multiple photos simultaneously. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence, which is why it is fed to detect the boundaries of the photo and the other details pertaining to conversion of the photos to the digital medium.

For instance, the app auto-rotates the photographs and in some cases, it crops the photo and clears the perspective for a better digital result. You can even filter the results and share it to the cloud.

The Artificial Intelligence allows you to add colors to the photographs being scanned, as well as fix the color decay. You won’t need to alter the results physically; the app does it for you.

The app has understood how the digital world works, and what convenience means to the end user. No wonder, the app has received $5Mn in series A funding. It has adopted the subscription-based monetization model. However, it will need to move into digitizing other physical copies apart from photos to survive, as they don’t charge a subscription for storage to the cloud database.

Reasons Photomyne Received the Funding


Now that you are aware how the application works, and how it proves to be a convenient asset to the end user, it is time to understand how Photomyne is different from the players in the AI technology app market.

There is a reason for the increased number of downloads and increased number of customers Photomyne is enjoying, and that is innovation. Everyone wanted a way to digitize their photos and ensure that they carry home the memories. Using AI, the app has allowed users to simply scan the photos, while the application takes care of developing it into a seamless digital image. From cropping the image to ensuring fixing the color decay, the app does it all. The innovation not only allows you to digitize but also does all the groundwork for you. With this app, you can convert all your physical copies into digital images. This level of innovation makes it real convenient for the users, which is one of the major reasons for its acceptance.

Value addition to the user is another reason why it is in demand in the present times. It is not just another photo scanning tool that you need to invest in. It is an intelligent app that allows you to click the pictures in any way that you are comfortable. You can click them in portrait mode or even in sideways mode. You can click a picture in the auto mode, and the app will correct it for you. The idea is to offer a value that will improve the experience of the user. You can also add free app offers in the app to get extra interest in your app.

Integrating the new features of the smartphone is another aspect that has earned Photomyne account will give you brownie points. It is not just another intelligent app that allowed users to scan the photos and digitize them. It actually used the filters and other features available such as cropping, rotating etc. to improve the quality of the pictures. The photo app also allows users to share the pictures in any way possible i.e. either via messages or emails. The storage capacity of the application also plays an important role in its conversion capabilities.

Things to Consider When Developing a Photomyne-like Application


Integrate the features that are readily available with the smart device. It is always important to include these features to improve the capability of the application. Camera features such as filters and image crop can be used to improve the ability of the application

You will need to add intelligence material to your app. For instance, Photomyne understood how the images need to look post digitization, with the machine learning abilities instilled into the application. You will need to make the application understand what you want it to do, and code it with the machine learning capabilities for an enhanced experience

Your AI application should be easy to use for the end users. You can add a quick button to scan full screen photo in phone with single shot. In Photomyne, the users did not have to go through a complete roll in order to produce the desired results. They just needed to click the pictures, in whatever way was comfortable to them. The app did most of the work. Your AI application should understand the user’s needs, their desired comfort levels and how they tend to use applications.

Make sure you are aware of your target market, and their app usage behavior before you develop the application. This way you will be able to offer them a friendly and usable application

Always have a list of features ready for the application. Make sure you start with an MVP before you proceed to develop a full-fledged application. It is recommended you opt for a beta application before going with the full launch.



The cost of developing an AI app completely depends on the features that you wish to add and the functionality you aim to derive from the application.

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