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How to Make App Development Process Faster and Affordable?

In a highly competitive market, companies continuously battle for the attention and loyalty of their customers. They want to reach a large audience group through different channels in the most appropriate way.

Thanks to technological innovations in the software world that have changed the ways businesses are operating today. Whether it is a small or large business, everyone wants to connect with customers to grow.

So, what can be better than web and mobile applications?

But building applications is not a simple task. It is a time-consuming process, also the cost of app development, infrastructure, maintenance, and licensing is very high. Business owners and technical leaders are more concerned about the cost and time required for app development.

There are numerous ways for affordable and low-cost app development. In this article, we will walk through the best possible ways to cut out cost and time in app development without compromising on overall app quality.

So without wasting further time, let’s get started!

Ways to reduce the time and cost of app development?

1) Choose a set of the right tools and technologies for affordable and low-cost app development

Every web developer faced the same challenge of delivering the app on time to the market. Gathering market information, Designing, prototyping, testing, debugging, and maintenance are the list of tasks in app development.

However, utilizing the best tools and technologies can speed up the process of app development. Here are some of the best technologies that help developers to accelerate the development process.

Here are few technologies that can help developers to build apps faster and affordable.

Affordable and low-cost app development

1. Node.js

Node.js is the most popular backend technology for app development. Node.js is designed to build scalable network applications. It is built on the event-driven architecture capable of asynchronous I/O.

It enables developers to create extensible, high-performance, cross-platform applications with ease. The technology is supported by a large group of developer communities and used by big organizations such as Linked in, Walmart, SAP, and Amazon web services.

The technology is simple to learn and implement. Building an app with Node.js saves a lot of time and money.

2. React.js

React.js is the open-source component-based javascript library for front-end application development. It is a lightweight, declarative, and easy to learn library supported by the large development community.

Building your own component is time-consuming and costly. Instead, using pre-built libraries saves your development time and cost. There are pools of libraries to support React development so that you can easily add new functionalities to your existing application.

According to the Stack overflow developers survey, React is the second most popular web framework for app development.

3. Kotlin

Kotlin is the popular programming language recommended by Google for mobile application development. It is concise, safe, interoperable with Java and other languages, and provides code reusability between multiple platforms for productive programming.

It is the best replacement for Java and has much simpler and shorter code than java for the same problem.

These are just a few technologies there are many more, such as MongoDB, Angular, flutter, swift, and so on. It completely depends on your problem to choose the right technology that reduces your app development cost and time.

2) Automate repetitive tasks in app development

Automate repetitive tasks

Automating repetitive tasks saves developers time and cost. Also, introducing automation into your software development lifecycle and infrastructure is the most efficient way to improve your code quality.

Using continuous integration tools can help developers a lot, by regularly integrating the changes in the centralized repository. You can use advanced tools such as GitLab, Jenkins for continuous integration.

Furthermore, you can use platforms that can generate code automatically for your business logic with the minimum input.

3) Use good software development architecture

software development architecture

Having a good software architecture is important for app development. Having a good architectural pattern increases the quality of the application and helps to manage the app complexity making the platform faster and more efficient.

A good architectural pattern helps you in code maintenance, prioritizing conflicting goals, risk management while reducing the time to market.

The widely used software architectural patterns include layered architecture, event-driven architecture, clean code architecture, and model view controller architecture.

How much does it cost to make an application?

The cost of app development depends on multiple factors such as the number of functionalities, number of screens, the complexity level of the backend, UI, UX, and to whom you are hiring for app development.

To get a clear idea about app development costs, let’s discuss some real-time applications and their approximate cost structure.

(Note: The cost of app development mentioned here is based on expert analysis across the globe. The number may slightly vary depending on opinion and calculations)

1. What’s App

In total, What’s app like app can cost you $150,000-$200,000 to execute the project.

2. Facebook

A Facebook-like application can cost you approximately up to $ 500,00 including its all features and functionalities.

3. Instagram

Instagram like the application can take you up to $60,000 including its main features.

4. Uber

The cost of building an Uber-like application can go up from $120,000 to $154,000 including all the features and functionalities.

Summing up

From the above discussion, we can conclude that building a web or mobile application can take potential time, money, and effort. But it is possible to make your app development process faster and affordable with the solutions we have discussed above.

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Overall, it enables you to build a high-quality, scalable application faster without breaking your bank.

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