10 Tech Trends 2018 That Will Be Game Changers For The Businesses

The world is growing smarter and intelligent by the day, and technology is definitely helping us with that. The year 2017 definitely belonged to technology, with most of them reinventing to redefine how we worked, and how we incorporated the technology.

If 2017 made a huge impact in technology, 2018 is just going to take the baton further. You will see an exponential change in how technology moves further and scales businesses. They are all set to transform industries and make the world smarter and better.

From an enhanced human-machine interaction to a well-connected device culture, the technology is going to spice up every aspect that is connected to us.

Let’s get started with technology game changers that will definitely rocket the next half of our journey along this year.[/vc_column_text][ultimate_spacer height=”10″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

  • AI will be an important part of a business strategy:

Artificial Intelligence is redefining a major part of the technology structure and business strategies. Currently, most businesses are adopting AI strategy within their businesses. It will still take some time for AI to become the core strategy for the business but, that day isn’t far off. Large enterprises are all set to inculcate AI into the strategic processes and organizational development. You will have algorithm based marketplaces, operations and even other aspects within the business.With AI and machine learning becoming an active part of the organizations, data-driven algorithms will become a standard. A lot of years have been spent working on the prototype of this kind of algorithm; it is time to make it live. You would have AI in every industry, from banking to finance to healthcare and manufacturing. With the need for automation, remote assistance and virtual existence increasing, this technology is bound to stay for a long time.

  • Blockchain comes with opportunities: 

    The Bitcoin bubble has definitely led to a lot of talks about Blockchain. Even those who don’t follow technology have heard the term being loosely thrown around. If 2017 was any indication of how good this technology is, 2018 will actually take it further. Till now, you had Blockchain use cases mostly thrown around Cryptocurrency. That is going to change. The new trends indicate Blockchain being used in various industries, creating newer and better opportunities for the businesses. With the need for security increases, Blockchain is the most needed and highly recommended technology. With Blockchain as your core technology, it will become impossible for you to manipulate the digital transactions, which simply means your data is safe and unchanged. Even the minutest manipulation is recorded in the Blockchain ledgers. Imagine, what businesses incorporating this technology can offer in terms of security. Copyright infringement and IP protection are two areas where Blockchain will work efficiently.

  • Increase Intelligence with IoT: 

    Smarter interaction with people and the connected ecosystem is a must for today’s time and age. You need to control the behavior of the automated devices that tend to work in an uncontrolled fashion, without human interference. The idea is to make the machine intelligent, and improve their operations. The onus fell on the Internet of Things, which managed to create a connected ecosystem of the various devices to utilize the Internet and maximize its potential. It has only just been a few years since the inception of this technology but, the adoption rate suggests otherwise. With more organizations and enterprises turning towards the technology, there is a whole new level of opportunities and ideas available to work with. From smart homes to smart cities to smart environment, the IoT will make it all happen.

  • Improved data collection with deep learning: 

    Data collection is a major part of how enterprises gather insights, and it plays a major role in increasing the efficiency of the organizations. Data leads to organization’s success. There are complications in the computations and the algorithms, which leads to complexities with data collection. Most hardware innovations are focused on improving the deep learning abilities of the machine and making it perform better. GPUs with more cores and improved architecture is a fine example of the same. Understanding both the abilities of the data and the successes associated with deep learning, a lot of organizations are adopting data-driven methods to perform better and improve operations. A lot of data collection methods are being organized from CRM, to ticket systems to BMP, which will advance the level of data available in the organization. Existing systems and the pool of data available will integrate for better performance. You will see more data opportunities in terms of gathering, analysis and insight building.

  • Move beyond platform-only business models: 

    For a very long time, we lived in the platform-only business model. How does this work? You get the people or organizations to make exchanges over the platform. However, today’s technology demands a move beyond the platform. You cannot be stuck with a platform idea to build your business and give your business the required tech scalability. You need assets, and they can be acquired through mergers and acquisitions. Uber and AirBnb have made the move beyond platform-only business models possible and a reality.

  • Making privacy a core business strategy: 

    Privacy and security are the two pillars of the business that keep it going. With newer technologies coming in, the need for strengthening the two pillars has become important. For instance, you don’t want the IoT where connected devices play an important part to struggle with managing the data security and keeping your assets private. If there are cracks within the technology or the assets involved in the technology, you might as well say goodbye to success.In 2018, viable approaches will be introduced for better security and increased privacy. Machine learning will help enhance security via predictive approach. Blockchain technology will also be a key in implementing privacy and security through your business, at various levels. You will need to evaluate risks and establish better mitigation strategies throughout.


The war for ethical hacking and ethical tech usage will continue even through 2018, as not every aspect of technology is favorable for your business. Tech trends 2018 will actually move the technology forward and build new use cases and applications for each technology individually. VR and AR will be prominent parts of the technology, as immersive experiences is gradually becoming a need.

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